Someone you loved is dead. You swore you'd scour the world for the killer. Your search brought you under the world.

Unlocked: Watchful 6
Necessary qualities: Watchful and Dangerous.
Starts at Ladybones Road.

There will be a reckoning.

What is red honey?

Something to do with prisoner's honey? Whatever it is, it's forbidden to buy or sell it in a city where very little is outright forbidden. Even the sale of souls is licensed.
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Ambition: Nemesis [Begin!]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

Someone you loved is dead. You swore you'd scour the world for the killer. Your search brought you under the world.

Unlocks: Watchful 6

There will be a reckoning.

This is an Ambition: a major storyline with enormous rewards if you reach the end. Once you've picked an Ambition, it is very hard to change it. Choose carefully!
Your Watchful and Dangerous qualities are most important for this Ambition.


Ambition: Nemesis [Continue 1]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

You have just two clues: a name and an envelope of dried flower petals. The name is 'Scathewick'. The petals were found by the body.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 1

Option 1: Start with the petals.

They come from a rose that grows in the Neath. You know that much.

Modest: Watchful ?

Straightforward: Watchful ?


Ambition: Nemesis [Continue 2]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

The Mumbling Bee-keeper drinks at the Medusa's Head, where the rat-catchers and monster-hunters gather.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 2

Option 1: Not a welcoming place…

A dozen smoky tables full of surly monster-hunters and possible footpads. A kind word won't get you very far. Show them you're serious.

Modest: Dangerous 7?
Straightforward: Dangerous 11?


Nemesis [Continue 3]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

The Mumbling Bee-keeper's stinking shack is out in the desolate fields behind Watchmaker's Hill. A low, threatening murmur rises from the sleeping hives of lamplighter bees as you approach. They fizz with sleepy phosphorescence.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 3, Appointment with a Mumbling Bee-keeper 1

Option 1: Work out what the hell he's talking about

Getting here was the easy part. He seems willing enough to talk, but besides his distorted speech, he seems half-mad. Too many bee-stings, perhaps.

Modest: Watchful ?
Straightforward: Watchful ?


Ambition: Nemesis [Continue 4]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

You have the repellent to keep bees off you while you search the Mumbling Bee-keeper's hive. You'll need to be very quick and very careful.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 4, Foxfire Bee-Repellent 1

Option 1: Light the candles, go in

You should be able to survive a couple of stings, but you daren't take too many chances.

Modest: Dangerous ?
Straightforward: Dangerous ?


Ambition: Nemesis [Continue 5]

[Location: Watchmaker's Hill]

You have a key. But there are a great many locks in Fallen London. What now?

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 5, Mumbling Bee-keeper's Key 1

Option 1: Look for leads around Watchmaker's Hill

The trail is long cold.

Modest: Watchful ?
Straightforward: Watchful ?

Option 2: Look for leads around Watchmaker's Hill

Beat the information out of the Mumbling Beekeeper

Modest: Dangerous ?
Straightforward: Dangerous ?


Nemesis - Finding Mackay

[Location: Veilgarden]

Veilgarden. A thousand windows glowing with wine and song and good fellowship and delicious scandal. Ten thousand people. And your quarry.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 6

Option 1: Find the locksmith, Mackay.

The trail is what, twenty years old? It will not deter you.

Modest: Watchful ?
Straightforward: Watchful ?


Nemesis - Reaching Mackay

[Location: Veilgarden]

Honey-dens are well-guarded. And Mackay is a favoured customer with a private room. You'll need a way to get in there.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 7

Option 1: Pose as a new honey-supplier

You'll need a shipment to sell. Honey is not illegal, but the trade is tightly controlled by the Bazaar Master known as Mr Spices.

Unlocks: Prisoner's Honey x 120


Nemesis – Interrogate McKay

[Location: Veilgarden]


Nemesis – who was it?

[Location: any]

Who was it who died, that night?

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 9

Option 1: Your spouse

All those years, gone in a moment.

Option 2: Your lover

And now you'll never know.

Option 3: Your brother

Twenty heartbeats sooner, and you'd have heard his last words.

Option 3: Your daughter

You couldn't protect her.


Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter [Continue 9-F]

[Location: Forgotten Quarter]

In the Forgotten Quarter, there's a crypt where Mackay stored the red honey he transported from Watchmaker's Hill.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 9

Shadows lie black in the moonish light

From your left, and then ahead of you, you hear a clicking whistle. Devils, out for an evening's sport. Have you done something to attract their attention? Or were you just unlucky?

Unlocks: Dangerous 37
Straightforward: ?? (Modest at 43)


Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter [Continue 9-F1]

[Location: Forgotten Quarter]

Somewhere in the Forgotten Quarter, there's a crypt where Mackay stored the red honey he transported from Watchmaker's Hill.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 9, Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter 1

Find the crypt

You have directions, but they were given to you in the dark by a sobbing broken honey-dreamer who hadn't been here in years. Also, you think you might have drawn the map upside down.

Unlocks: Watchful 38
Straightforward: ?? (Almost impossible at 38)


Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter [Continue 9-F2]

[Location: Forgotten Quarter]

You've found the crypt where Mackay stored the honey. Unfortunately there's an unexpected difficulty. Coiled bonelessly around a nearby balustrade, like a serpent in pink crinoline, is a smirking deviless.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 9, Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter 2, Mumbling Bee-keeper's Key 1

Never bribe a lady?

'You know,' she adds wistfully, 'the souls up here are so cold. It's been a long time since I had a nice warm soul all to myself.'

Unlocks: Souls 50

Never strike a lady?

'I adore this place,' she says. 'You're not allowed to be here, though. I hope you're going away again.' She stops to think about that. 'Actually: I hope you're going to try to stay.'

Unlocks: Dangerous 42
Straightforward: ?? (Almost impossible at 42)

Kindred spirits?

'I do get bored out here,' she confesses. 'Tell me a story. Something with a charming hero and a considerable quantity of screaming.'

Unlocks: Persuasive 40
Straightforward: ??


Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter [Continue 9-F3]

[Location: Forgotten Quarter]

The crypt where Mackay stored the honey is a grim, low-ceilinged place. Its original occupant lies in state in a soapstone sarcophagus, spear and sword and helmet and breastplate and amulets all in place, like an engraving in an illustrated magazine. The rats haven't touched it.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 9, Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter 3

Search the crypt

A child's skeleton lies near the door in a tumble of bones, as if someone had kicked it carelessly aside on entering. There are rows of empty wooden shelves, traces of candlewax, a writing-desk spattered with ink: but no-one's been here in a while.

Unlocks: Watchful 43
Straightforward: ?? (Almost impossible at 44)


Ambition: Nemesis – last traces

[Location: Anywhere]

The interior of the jar you found is streaked with faint traces of dried honey. After all these years, are these traces still any use?

**Unlocks: Traces of Red Honey 1, Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter 4 **

Call in favours

This substance must be illegal, or at least sinister. Do your connections in the underworld know something? That is, the under-underworld?

Unlocks: Connected: Criminals 15

Find someone who can help

This will require specialist expertise, to say the least.

Unlocks: Watchful 55
Straightforward: ??


Ambition: Nemesis – searching the ruins

[Location: Forgotten Quarter]

Is there anything left here besides the traces you found in the crypt?

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis - Forgotten Quarter 5

Search by candle-light

Crawling shadows. Fallen pillars. Very distant, a horn of brass.

Unlocks: Watchful 50
Straightforward: 55


Ambition: Nemesis - Shuttered Palace

[Location: The Shuttered Palace]

A second door bars your way to the walled garden. You knock. A bored voice says: 'What is the taste?'

Answer the question

You have plumbed more of London's mysteries than any sane [genderdescription] should. You know the answer.

Unlocks: Uncanny Incunabulum x 1

Answer the question

You know that taste. You cannot but remember it.

Unlocks: One who has Indulged in Unknown Pleasures: 1


Ambition: Nemesis - the Cage-Garden

[Location: The Shuttered Palace]

A dank but serene place with a mossy fountain at its heart. Dark hives of bees humming on the far side. Dozens of cages stacked in rows and ranks: each has its prisoner, woman or man, their dull, hollow faces turned to you. Bees buzz to and from the cages -

'Ah, Sir! You're our friend from the tomb-colonies, I suppose? A marvellous evening! Would you like to begin with the tour?'

Allow yourself to be shown the cages

Yes. Learn what you can from the Simpering Cage-keeper.

Strike him down!

This is monstrous! Whatever's going on here, it ends now!

Unlocks: Dangerous 56

(Rewards Unknown)


Ambition: Nemesis - the Cage-Garden

[Location: The Shuttered Palace]

The Cage-Garden: when they stopped taking the honey deliveries from the Hill, they farmed their own here. Mackay's honey carried the dreams and memories of the damned. This honey bears the dreams and memories of the living.

Question the Simpering Cage-keeper

All this is very well, but what about Scathewick? Can you bring the conversation round to the man you're hunting?

Unlocks: Watchful 59
Straightforward: 72

Strike the Cage-keeper down!

You won't listen to another word from this villain!

Unlocks: Dangerous 56

(Rewards Unknown)


Ambition: Nemesis: to the tomb colonies?

[Location: The Shuttered Palace]

Finally! Scathewick, the murderer you seek, works with someone called Carrywell. The eaters of red honey don't seem entirely happy with either of them.

Where is Carrywell?

Somewhere in the tomb-colonies, if you understand correctly. But there's more than one tomb-colony. Where to begin?

Unlocks: Watchful 67
Straightforward: 78

The University


Ambition: Nemesis – the Junior Fellow

[Location: University]

Your desperate mission has brought you to the University. Laughing students hurry home in the Neathy fog. Black-gowned scholars argue energetically in mushroomed quadrangles. None of this is your concern. You must speak to the Junior Fellow of Esoteric Cryptozoology. But he seems unwilling to speak to you.

Unlocks: Traces of Red Honey 1

Impress the Fellow with secret knowledge

'Hm? No time. Saint-beetles! Colony. Irretrievable. Irretrievable! …what? What's that?'

Unlocks: Appalling Secret 5, Cryptic Clue 100

Compel the Fellow's attention through violence

You don't have time for this! If he won't listen, you'll make him listen! But you'll need to be very swift. Violence in the University is discouraged, and being caught could get you in trouble.

Unlocks: Dangerous 55
Straightforward: 73


Brewing up gaoler's honey

[Location: University]

You have two pots streaked with dried red honey - what the Junior Fellow of Esoteric Cryptozoology calls 'gaolers' honey'. Is this helpful?

Unlocks: Traces of Red Honey 2

Reactivate the honey

Do you need it for something? Or is this a morbid and terrible curiosity? If you can provide the raw materials for the process - and a little something for his trouble - the Cryptozoologist can perform… a scientific procedure of some sort. It sounds complicated. 'Reconstitution' is the shortest word he uses.

Unlocks: 350 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, 10 x Bottled Oblivion , 5 x F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour, 100 x Jade Fragment.


Ambition: Nemesis - To Venderbight

A listing, rusting steamer is taking on silent, bandaged passengers, baggage, and coffins. You should disguise yourself as a tomb-colonist. You can't afford to draw attention.

Go gently

Unlock: Ambition: Nemesis 11, 120 x Silk Scrap, 500 x Glim
Disappears at Ambition: Nemesis 15

Gather silk for bandages. Gather glim to pay your passage. Keep to yourself throughout the voyage. [Warning: you may be spending some little time abroad.]

To Venderbight Again

Wind a bandage round your face. Count the glim. Shudder at the thought of those endless crumbling colonnades. Here we go once more.
Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 15, 120 x Silk Scrap, 500 x Glim

Go Boldly

text unknown
Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 11, Persuasive 60, 120 x Silk Scrap, 500 x Glim
Rewards unknown

The tale continues at the tomb colony of Venderbight!


Ambition: Nemesis - learning about the Iron Republic

[Location: Ladybones Road]

Scathewick has gone to the Iron Republic. This is apparently a colony of Hell. So you probably need to learn a little more about the place before you go.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 24

Option 1: Call in favours at the Embassy

Straight from the horse's fangs.

(unlocked with Connected: Hell 10)

Option 2: Call in favours with anarchists

You've heard a rumour that anarchists and revolutionaries have ties with the Iron Republic.
(unlocked with Connected: Revolutionaries 10)

Option 3: Bribe your way to knowledge

Money, as ever, has the sweetest voice.
(unlocked with Rostygold 1000)


Ambition: Nemesis - Finding the Dreaming Scholar

[Location: University]

'An authority on the Iron Republic? That would be the Dreaming Scholar. If you can find her.'

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 25

A frosty reception

Your previous honesty in academic matters has left you with few friends at the university. Finding the Dreaming Scholar could be difficult.

(unlocked with Watchful 110, unlocked with unwelcome at the University 1)
A low-risk challenge for your Watchful quality at 120


Ambition: Nemesis - Meeting the Dreaming Scholar

[Location: Veilgarden]

The Dreaming Scholar must be somewhere in the numberless honey dens of Veilgarden. Best start near Hollow Street.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 26

A rough business

Half a dozen honey-mazed maniacs prowl Hollow Street. It will be their misfortune to interfere with your search for the Dreaming Scholar.
(unlocked with Dangerous 110)


Ambition: Nemesis - The Dreaming Spires

[Location: University]

The Dreaming Scholar awaits you in her neglected study. She will tell you about the Iron Republic, where Scathewick is hiding.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 27

The cost of doing business

The Dreaming Scholar's studies have bankrupted her. There's the matter of a debt to a Hollow Street honey-den to pay before she can devote herself to your problems.

Unlocks: 2000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey


Ambition: Nemesis - A Dream of the Iron Republic

[Location: Lodgings]

You arrange two chaises longues and a low table to facilitate dreaming. The Scholar will be here soon.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 28

A scholarly vice

The Dreaming Scholar arrives with a prodigious honey jar. She approves of your arrangements, but suggests you lock yourselves in before the work begins in earnest.

(unlocked with Watchful 115)


Ambition: Nemesis - Keep Dreaming

[Location: Lodgings]

You need to search for the Dreaming Scholar.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 29

Back to it

The Dreaming Scholar hasn't returned. Take another scoop from the honey jar and find her. Let us hope your body can cope with the abuse of extended absence.

(unlocked with Dangerous 115)


Ambition: Nemesis - The Analysis of Dreams

[Location: Ladybones Road]

You are back from your dreams of the Iron Republic and of another, unknown place. Somewhere with a key and a rose garden.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 30

What was the business with the key?

The Dreaming Scholar would be happy to analyse your dreams. Her commercial rates are steep, but the currency for the transaction should not surprise you.

Unlocks: 1500 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey


Ambition: Nemesis - Scathewick No More

[Location: Iron Republic]
' - and Scathewick had said his piece. Now it was down to me.'
Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 35

Take your revenge

' - and so I picked up the knife. The knife that Scathewick used to destroy my life, on the Surface, a lifetime ago. He might not have ordered the killing, but he wielded the blade. It was enough.'

Let him go

' - but I had had enough. Scathewick suffered through the red honey gardens, Venderbight and now this appalling place. I wanted those who ordered the killing. Scathewick was no longer relevant.'


Ambition: Nemesis - A Knife and an Envelope

[Location: Iron Republic]
Scathewick was gone. But he left behind an envelope and a knife.'
Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 36

Pick them both up

'I needed the envelope to find Scathewick's employers. The knife… I couldn't leave the weapon that had destroyed my life.'

Pick up only the envelope

'I needed the envelope, but I couldn't bring myself to touch the knife again. Leave it there, surrounded by ghosts.'

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