Narrative Items

Items that only have use in particular stories and are acquired through Ambitions, Opportunity Cards, etc. These items cannot be bought or sold. They unlock storylets in particular narratives but sometimes disappear when their usefulness has passed.

  • booksmall.png Dirigible schedule notes Hastily scrawled information on the prison dirigible timetable. Found in New Newgate Prison
  • noosesmall.png Rope of knotted rags A rope cut from a prison dirigble. Found in New Newgate Prison
  • boxsmall.png A Heavy Iron Box This thing has seven locks, each more difficult than the last. You haven't yet found a way to open it. Found in Spite at Shadowy 60
  • heartwitheredsmall.png A Leathery Human Heart Peculiar and unpleasant. The heart has been branded with the word WOLFSTACK. Like the docks? Found in Watchmaker's Hill at Dangerous 60
  • envelopesmall.png Note: A Meeting in the Forgotten Quarter 'I understand that you wish to speak with me. I shall be waiting for you at the Fountain of Names in the Forgotten Quarter at noon on Wednesday. Come alone. Ambition: Heart's Desire
  • booksmall.png On the Maladies of Goats A grubby book containing a rare and precious address. Ambition: Heart's Desire
  • envelopesmall.png Daguerrotype With Fading Music-Hall Singer's Address It's at the bad end of Blythenhale. She really was on the way down. Ambition: Light Fingers
  • unfinished_paintingsmall.png Painting Fragment One of the toffs that comes down to Veilgarden might recognise it. Ambition: Light Fingers
  • envelopesmall.png Ginger-Haired Fellow's Address Elderwick. Behind a church, apparently. Ambition: Light Fingers
  • bohogirl1photosmall.png Locket Depicting Twin Sisters It has portraits of the Fading Music-Hall Singer and her sister. Ambition: Light Fingers
  • diamondsmall.png Correspondence Stones A set of seven carved stones from a king's tomb in the Forgotten Quarter. Found in The Forgotten Quarter at Watchful 72
  • redhoneysmall.png Drop of Gaoler's Honey found in the Nemesis: Ambition story (using it from your inventory brings you to The Chambers of the Heart
  • lipssmall.png Memento of Passion
  • fossilsmall.png Uneartly Fossil Some things that are a little like bones, trapped in something a little like green stone. Not, as they say, from around these parts. Found in Flute Street
  • rubberskullsmall.png Rubbery Skull The huge, empty sockets gaze up mournfully. Found in Flute Street
  • fishsmall.png Tiny Cave Fish A staple for Rubbery Men. A delicacy for humans with exotic tastes. A lucky pet for burglars. Obtained from Rubbery Men in exchange for Warm Amber (can anyone confirm this?) or through the Heart's Desire ambition.

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