Mysterious Benefactor: Watchful Path
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One branch of the Mysterious Benefactor story


Your Patron Appears

Your mysterious benefactor arrives at your door. He's a Ragged Mendicant. A hermit, perhaps, even in this day and age. His cassock is absurd and antique. You're fairly certain it's been nibbled by rats. The smell is something unholy, but the light of faith smoulders in his eyes.

Opportunity Card
Unlocked with Protégé … 3, Mirror-Polished Shoes, Watchful 10

Option 1: Politely eject the insanitary old troublemaker

You have quite enough problems of your own without sharing the burdens of some maundering cleric.

Option 2: Devils?

There is a certain amount of prefatory rambling about half-extinct religious orders and the nature of God. Then he explains he wants you to spy on a devil. Quite an ordinary devil, inasmuch as any devil is ordinary.

(Watchful challenge)


The Ragged Mendicant is back

The Ragged Mendicant is back, and he wants you to observe the Soul Trade. He is shaking with excitement at the thought of learning more.

Opportunity Card
Unlocked with Protégé… 4, Mirror-polished shoes, watchful 20

Option 1: Oh, I can tell you about the Soul Trade.

'You see, I used to have this friend, who once got involved…'

Unlocked with Spirifer's Fork

Option 2: Go and look

The Soul Trade? A dangerous business, but interesting. You could investigate.

(watchful challenge)

Option 3: I know about the Trade

'I've seen the Trade. I've spat in its yellow eye. What do you want to know?'

Unlocked with Shepherd's Timepiece

What is his interest? 'St Ulrich,' he says solemnly. 'The Order. God is defined by his absence. The Bishop knows.' Well that cleared that up.

silhouettemansmall.png Protégé… has increased to 5 - Associated with a Benefactor!
clergysmall.png Connected: Church increase
crypticsecretsmall.png Gain 45 x Cryptic Clue


The Mendicant and the book

The Ragged Mendicant sits down next to you at a corner table in the Bishop's Eye. Like many churchmen, he has a fierce appetite for wine. He wants you to look for a book.

Opportunity Card
Unlocked with Protégé… 5, Mirror-polished shoes, Watchful 30

Option 1: At least he knows what he wants

Specifically, he wants you to examine a green-covered book in the possession of a certain deviless and write down the numbers on page two hundred and seven.

(Watchful challenge)


A pilgrimage?

Your benefactor, the Ragged Mendicant, is off on the next train to Hell. There, he intends to learn the nature of God through his absence.

Opportunity Card
Unlocked with Protégé… 6, Mirror-polished shoes, Watchful 40

Option 1: Wave him off

He is a true pioneer of modern theology, and you respect that. Or perhaps you're just glad to be rid of the smell.

Option 2: Talk him out of it

'You're going to Hell? And perhaps you think you'll be coming back? Have you entirely thought this through?'

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A past benefactor

Your benefactor! Things seemed so simple then. A friend, a gift, a mission. Perhaps one day you'll have a protege of your own.
Unlocked with Protégé … 7

(Watchful option): And what of the secrets of Hell?

Why did you advise him as you did?

there was also an option to start from the beginning for 8 Fate. I forgot to copy it down

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