Mysterious Benefactor: Dangerous Path
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One branch of the Mysterious Benefactor story


A knock at the door

Opportunity Card
Unlocks: Protégé … 3, Brass Knuckledusters 1, Dangerous 10

Your mysterious benefactor is here. Ten seconds of conversation reveals that he is a Fierce Anarchist. He has a plan. Possibly a master plan. He won't share the details with you yet. But he's happy to pay.

I'll have none of it!

Hurl this ne'er-do-well out before the Constables come for you both! And throw his knuckledusters after him!

Option 2: Accompany the Fierce Anarchist on his next operation

You are to start a brawl in a rough coffee-house while the Anarchist slips upstairs.


Jack and the Anarchist

Opportunity Card
Unlocks: Protégé … 4, Brass Knuckledusters 1, Dangerous 20

The Fierce Anarchist arrives at your door, looking even more wild-eyed than usual.


'Jack's after me again. I can feel he's close. I can feel it in me blood.' He rubs a scar on his neck. 'Together we'll carve him up a treat.' Jack-of-Smiles, Fallen London's most celebrated lunatic murderer! Or possibly murderers.


The Anarchist is back

Opportunity Card
Unlocks: Protégé … 5, Brass Knuckledusters 1, Dangerous 30

The Fierce Anarchist returns to you. He is much calmer than usual, and even smiles once. What is he planning?

The cause of anarchy

The Anarchist needs help in planting a bomb. The target is an office belonging to Mr Fires, a Master of the Bazaar who is often the target of revolutionaries. The office will be empty, but he needs help with distracting the watchmen.


Death of an Anarchist

Opportunity Card
Unlocks: Protégé … 6, Brass Knuckledusters 1, Dangerous 40

The Fierce Revolutionary drags you aside in the street. He has a confession. 'Jack-of-Smiles killed me once. Left his knife in me for a week 'fore I woke up. See him everywhere, now. Can't bear it. I think I'm gonna be Jack soon. Can't bear that either. Need to finish… me. Tomb-colonies. Jack won't go there. Last bomb didn't do it. You owe me.'

Kill the Fierce Revolutionary

Not too dead to rise. But enough to ensure the tomb-colonies will accept him. Nasty work. The kind you won't easily forget.

Walk away

Leave him to become Jack, if that is indeed what is happening. This is too much.

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