What are the secrets of Fallen London?

The Mysteries page was where you can provide your theories to many of the… er, mysterious goings-on in the Neath. Everything from the origins of the Bazaar to the price of money. This was added to the game in 2010(?). In early 2014, Failbetter announced the end of the contest and awarded small amounts of Fate to correct answers. For details see this blog post, and further broken down here.

  • ladybonessmall.png What was Ladybones Road called before the Fall?
  • watchmakershillsmall.png What was Watchmaker's Hill called before the Fall?
  • spitesmall.png What was Spite called before the Fall?
  • veilgardensmall.png What was the Veilgarden called before the Fall?
  • horseheadsmall.png In which continent was the Fourth City?
  • idolsmall.png In which continent was the Third City?
  • tabletsmall.png In which continent was the Second City?
  • crypticsecretsmall.png In which continent was the First City?
  • blacksmall.png Who brought the tiger to the labyrinth?
  • questionsmall.png Why are there no foxes in the city?
  • appallingsecretsmall.png Where is Mr Eaten?
  • banknotessmall.png Why do the Masters of the Bazaar value echoes so?
  • masksmall.png Why are prisoners masked?
  • placeholder1small.png What price was paid for London?
  • heartsmall.png Where do you go when the nightmares get too much?
  • sacksmall.png How many people did Mister Sacks take at Christmas?
  • claymansmall.png Who makes the Clay Men?
  • mastersmall.png How many Masters are there?
  • blacksmall.png 'Between stars?'

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