Mutton Island

Your opportunity deck is not available here; however when you return to Zee any cards that were in your hand will still be there. The Bazaar is accessible on Mutton Island.

Mutton Island

Mutton Island houses a small, vibrant fishing community. But you can't buy a piece of fish on the island for love nor money. Where does it all go?

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Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 0-6


Welcome to Mutton Island

Mutton Island! A simple fishing community. Whitewashed stone and weatherbeaten grasses. Hardy folk in nor'easters and galoshes brave the Unterzee for the day's catch.

Take a walk around the island

Do those trees still live? Good God. There's barely a green leaf to be seen in London.
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 115


The Start of the Day

The glow of new-lit lamps and candles marks the dawn in Fallen London. But Mutton Island is darkest at dawn, dark as the zee.

What are these three up to?

A trio of stern, businesslike locals is making the round of the village, but without match or taper. You could follow them.
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 115


An Island with Secrets?

Mutton Island is barely more than a hamlet. But even tiny communities have their secrets.

Take a quiet look around

There's no fog to hide you here, and only a few shadows. The best cover you can hope for is a low wall decorated with zeeshells.
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 115


The Home of Rubbery Lumps

There's only one public house on the island. The Cock and Magpie is famed for its local cider and, of course, the zee-food.

Try the Rubbery Lumps

The pub fleeces visitors, but who could resist Rubbery Lumps on the very island where they were created?
Unlocked with 4 x Maniac's prayer


The Mutton Island Wind

There's not much wind on the Unterzee. But Mutton Island suffers eery gusts and buffets from an inexplicably local fragment of weather.

The voice of the wind

Wait for the wind to come, and listen to it.
Watchful Challenge, straightforward at 115

I bid the wind speak

I laugh with delight to find it gusting here!
Unlock: Stormy-Eyed 1


Leaving Mutton Island

Charming it may be. Safe, it probably isn't.

Head to your ship at the jetty

Time to head out to sea.
[Leaving the island will remove your Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago quality].

Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 7-8


The Mouths of Children

A pack of well-scrubbed children are playing near the ancient white-stone well at the centre of the village.
Unlock: seeking Mr Eaten's Name 1

Hear the words

Others listen, but they do not hear.


Dinner in the Fallen Columns

Ruined buildings dot the Western shoreline of Mutton Island. A pair of local ladies are enjoying a fish supper in what was once a neo-Classical library.

Join them for supper

They're eating some kind of shellfish the size of a pumpkin. There's more than enough for you.
Persuasive Challenge, straightforward at 120


A night for… what exactly?

The village stirs when honest folk are in their beds.

What are they up to?

Be quick and quiet, for the Mutton Islanders move deftly in the dark.
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 120


Well Watching

There's always someone hanging around the ancient stone well at the centre of Mutton Island.

Talk to the fellow

That fellow draws a great deal of water. The one in the tattered frock coat, with the air of a vicar. Does he have some disorder of thirst?
Persuasive Challenge, straightforward at 120


Inside the Cock and Magpie

It's not the dour place you might have expected. Bright paint and dried flowers give the pub a cheery, welcoming air.

Take a good look around

Who's that woman in the fading lithograph above the bar?
Watchful Challenge, straightforward at 120

Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 9



There are no lights on the Eastern side of the island. By the sound of it, a steamer just found that out the hard way.

Rescue the crew

Grab them before the Unterzee takes them.

Help yourself to 'salvage'

If none of the crew survive, the ship's cargo is anyone's for the taking. But you'll have to deal with any that swim to shore.


A Great Feast

Mutton Island bubbles with excitement. Tonight, the Cock and Magpie will host a great feast. The chef draws bucket after bucket of well water in preparation.

Attend the Feast

All are welcome tonight. There will be laughter, cider and 'Rubbery Lumps the way they should be - none of your city nonsense'.


A Procession to the Cliff-top

A warm night on Mutton Island. A balmy wind blows from the West, rich with promise. Locals pick their way up the narrow path to the cliff-top.

Follow them up the path

Remaining silent and unseen as you navigate a narrow path over a long drop: it's like being back in the Flit.
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 115


A Wind to Chill the Heart

It's not cold, exactly. But there's something about this wind from out of the North that makes you hug yourself and turn your collar up.

What does it portend?

Take a walk around the island. You'll not be sleeping anyway.
Watchful Challenge


A scrap of a Diary

The landlord of the Cock and Magpie has an old, yellowed scrap of handwritten paper in his back pocket.

It would be criminal not to

How does the man expect you to not pick his pocket?
Shadowy Challenge, straightforward at 120

Extraordinary Implication 1


Discuss these Extraordinary Implications with the Custodial Chef

That frock-coated chap in the Cock and Magpie has the air of a guardian of secret knowledge. Perhaps he's willing to discuss your secrets with you.

'Do you know anything of…'

[Break the Extraordinary Implications down to Whispered Secrets.]
To unlock, you need 4 x Extraordinary Implication, Watchful 100.

'I have long puzzled over…'

[Break the Extraordinary Implications down to Cryptic Clues.]
To unlock, you need 8 x Extraordinary Implication, Watchful 120.

'These books you've spoken of…'

Does he have something you need?[Create Uncanny Incunabula]
To unlock, you need 10 x Extraordinary Implication, Watchful 140.

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