Masters Of The Bazaar

Connection: The Masters of the Bazaar

You've pleased someone.


1 — Your Face is Seen
2 — Your Name is Known
3 — Appointments are Possible
4 — Your Voice Is Heard
5 — Exceptions are Possible
6 — Dispensations are Made
7 — Jokes are Cautiously Shared
8 — There May be Indiscretions
9 — There May be Indiscretions
10+ —

Raising connection to the Masters of the Bazaar

Ways to gain this quality include

Note that some storylines can also decrease this value!


Favours can be called in at the Tomb Colonies and Mrs Plenty's Most Distracting Carnival.

Who are the Masters of the Bazaar?

The Masters of the Bazaar - Mr Wines, Mr Spices, Mr Veils and the rest - speak in high-pitched whispers, and under their concealing cloaks they seem winged or hunchbacked. Fallen angels, stunted pterodactyls, mobile colonies of fungus? They dismiss all personal questions with an airy wave of their gloved hands.
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