Master Classes In Etiquette

These two mini-arcs are started and completed in Mahogany Hall.


Educating Lyme

Jasper and Frank want him to understand human manners. Your job is to play Dr Coppermann to Lyme's automaton - fitting, as your lessons are to be held in the empty auditorium at Mahogany Hall. Raise your Pygmalion quality to between 5 and 12 to unlock further options.
clayman3small.png [Unlocked with Educating Lyme 1]
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Pygmalion 1]


Clay Men have all the problems you'd expect handling knives, forks, knitting needles, and so on.

_ Persuasive challenge

Social hierarchies

Clay Men don't have the same kind of convoluted social structures as people. You need to help him understand what he's dealing with.

_ Persuasive challenge

Bazaar politics

The new order of things, since the Fall, is something everyone's had to get used to. If Lyme's to be involved in his uncles' 'business', he will need to follow suit.

_ Persuasive challenge

Reading and writing

Jasper and Frank need a business associate. That means someone who's at least basically literate and numerate.

_ Persuasive challenge
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Pygmalion 1]


A foreign concept to Clay Men. Can you get Lyme to actually enjoy an activity? Take him to the shroom-hopping.

_ Persuasive challenge
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Pygmalion 3]

Independent thought

The crucial question. Can you help Lyme learn to think on his own?

_ Persuasive challenge
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Pygmalion 5]

Introduce Lyme to a child

Unlocks: Pygmalion 5, Educating Lyme 1
Talking to a small child without scaring her away will be a good first test for the Clay Man.

Help him communicate with the young person

There's a matinée today, so finding a child to talk to is easy. Encourage Lyme to entertain her, perhaps by showing her a toy.
Pygmalion challenge, low risk at 10, disappears at 12


Send Lyme to the market

Unlocks: Pygmalion 7, Educating Lyme 1
Can he make his own choices about what to buy?

A basket but no list

Give Lyme the responsibility for choosing what you'll have for dinner.
Pygmalion challenge, straightforward at 13; action disappears at Pygmalion 14


A business errand for Lyme

Unlocks: Pygmalion 9, Educating Lyme 1
Jasper and Frank want to see if their 'nephew' is ready to join the family business.
clayman3small.png [Unlocked with Educating Lyme 1]
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Pygmalion 9]

Something not too difficult

Set him the task of collecting protection money from the box office at the Antimacassar Theatre. Jasper and Frank have a long-standing relationship there.

_ Pygmalion challenge, straightforward at 14

Try challenging him

Take Lyme to collect something Jasper and Frank need from the docks.

_ Pygmalion challenge, high-risk at 10

Make absolutely sure Jasper and Frank won't be disappointed

It might cost a little, but it's a lot safer. And you might get something a little special.


Requires 3 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Set Lyme to writing

Unlocks: Pygmalion 12, Educating Lyme 1
Lyme is progressing well, beginning to think for himself. Can he produce a piece of writing all on his own yet?

Encourage him to write a factual essay

It will be good practice. Jasper and Frank want him to be able to keep detailed records.
Pygmalion challenge, low risk at 16

Ask him to write a story

Lyme has quite a fondness for reading. Encouraging him to write fiction is the ultimate test of his education. [Success here will mean your pupil's education is finished!]
Pygmalion challenge, high risk at 12


Instructing a Louche Devil

Unlocks: Pygmalion 1
Make him presentable to polite society. Or Jasper and Frank will be displeased, not to mention the Brass Embassy. [Raise your Pygmalion quality to between 5 and 12 to unlock further options.]


That devilish drawl has to go. Not to mention that insolent tone.


That languid slouch projects a lazy confidence, certainly, but it's shocking to refined company.


Clothes, shoes, spectacles, this devil's ignorant of the proper accoutrements for a modern chap about town.


Most devils take a detached interest in human morality. This one just stares at you, head to one side, when you raise the subject.

History and politics

Unlocks: Pygmalion 3
This devil lacks even a basic grounding. He needs to learn about social politics, too, if he's ever to be useful to the Brass Embassy.


Unlocks: Pygmalion 5
The heart of the matter. Try to teach the devil why humans value their souls. He needs to know, if he's to start parting one from the other.


Take the Louche Devil to the shroom-hopping race

Unlocks: Pygmalion 5
A good early test for him, this. If he can pass as human from a distance here, you're getting somewhere.

Encourage him to keep to the shadows

Don't get overambitious.

Encourage him to be confident

What better test for him than mingling with the crowd, placing a few bets, and so on?


Take the Louche Devil to the Doubt Street Scullery

Unlocks: Pygmalion 8
Dinner at a rough and ready chop house will be a good test for his new skills. He won't need to be too refined here.

Take supper with him

Use the opportunity to work on his table manners.


Can the Louche Devil negotiate a tea shop?

Jasper suggests that your pupil might take a young lady to Beatrice's Tea Parlour one afternoon, to practise his manners.
Unlocks: Pygmalion 10

A robust young lady

There's a handsome young woman who's rather fond of the company of devils. She'll be amenable to going out for tea.


A Society dinner with the Louche Devil

Unlocks: Pygmalion 12
He's making progress. If you can prove it, the Brass Embassy will reward you well. Can you help him make it through a dinner with some of the Duchess's Society friends?

Concentrate on the etiquette

If he can use the right fork for each course, he's almost there.

Concentrate on conversation

If he's able to talk charmingly, they'll forgive a few cutlery-related faux pas. [Success here will mean your pupil's education is finished!]

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