Making Friends Among The Young Stags
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A Chance Encounter

This story begins with an Opportunity Card.


Make Friends with a Young Stag

Unlocks: A Person of Some Importance 1
Chuffy McAvoy-Dauntless, a noted member of the Young Stags' Club, is having an indecorous argument with his aunt in a tea shop.

Perhaps you sympathise

You could distract the aunt from her tirade on Chuffy's intolerable status as a bachelor, his worthless friends and his unbecoming habits.

Heading off on Larks

The following actions appear when your Making friends among the Young Stags quality is 1.


Larks with Chuffy

Unlocks: A Person of Some Importance 1
Chuffy McAvoy-Dauntless, noted wealthy layabout and member of the Young Stags' Club, knocks on your door.

If she finds out…

Chuffy has a spiffing idea for a lark. It involves catmint and unmentionables belonging to… who? A certain cat-owner? Good God. A lark's a lark, but this particular wheeze could get someone killed.
Unlocks with: Route: The Shuttered Palace 1
(Shadowy challenge, low-risk at 124)


Joining the Stags

Unlocks: Making friends among the Young Stags 3

You get on well with these merry young chaps. Perhaps it's time to join the Young Stags' Club. [Note: you cannot join if you are a Member in Good Standing of another club. You can leave your current club via a storylet at your Lodgings.]

Option 1: Enough of this frippery

You are a serious person and must be taken seriously. Leave them to their games and their larks.

Option 2: Spend a long evening talking

Join the Young Stags' Club

Your larks are magnificent. Are you ready to don the Wag's Antlers and the Cardinal's Bloomers, and set forth on the Joining Guzzle? Assuming you're appropriately wealthy and well-bred, of course.

Unlocked with:
1 x Favours in High Places 1000 x Cryptic Clue, 1000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, 500 x Proscribed Material, 800 x Stolen Correspondence
2 x Cellar of Wine 1000 x Foxfire Candle Stub, 2000 x Greyfields 1879, 2000 x Greyfields 1882), 1000 x Lamplighter Beeswax each
4 x Personal Recommendation 1000 x Greyfields 1882, 1000 x Jade Fragment, 1000 x Moon-pearl, 2000 x Whispered Secret each

Membership unlocks this opportunity card


More Larks with the Young Stags

A lazy day at the club. What to do? What to do?
Unlocked with 1 x The Young Stags' Club

Put up some money for an artistic endeavour

The Stags are putting on a comedic show. They're hoping to take it to Mahogany Hall. Could you stump up some lucre for props and such?
Unlocks: Rostygold x 500

Bet 'Winkles' Cheesewright-Cheesewright that he won't steal a Constable's helmet

Old Winkles is always a fool for that bet.
(A matter of luck: a sure thing. Or is it?)

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