Making Friends Among God's Editors
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Chatting with the Querulous Theologian

This story begins with an Opportunity Card.


Making the Good Book Better

Saint Cyriac's Illuminated College, vulgarly known as God's Editors, revises Church texts to reflect recent events. A Querulous Theologian oversees the work.
Unlocks: A Person of Some Importance 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Allegorical Satire

Subtle allusions. Scandalous suggestions. Lots of initials in the cause of deniability.
Unlocks: A Copy of your Allegorical Satire 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Epic Poetic Cycle

Pentameters! Alexandrines! Noble Knights!
Unlocks:A Copy of your Epic Poetic Cycle 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Gothic Romance

Ruined castles. Diaphanous veils. Pale young women of a certain character.
Unlocks:A Copy of your Gothic Romance 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Patriotic Adventure

Imperial fisticuffs! Stiff upper lips! Heathen foreigners getting what's coming to them!
Unlocks:A Copy of your Patriotic Adventure 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Tale of the Future

New worlds. Extraordinary contraptions. Soaring speculation.
Unlocks:A Copy of your Tale of the Future 1

Show the Querulous Theologian your Tragic Romance

Unlocks:A Copy of your Tragic Romance 1

A donation to Saint Cyriac's Illuminated College

God's Editors work day and night. Alas that both require candles.
Unlocks: Connected: Bohemian 20, Connected: The Church 20, 2000 x Foxfire Candle Stub

An Opportunity!

The following action appears in the Bazaar Sidestreets when your Making Friends among God's Editors quality is 1.


An opening among God's Editors

An editor at Saint Cyriac's Illuminated College has suffered a nasty accident with a typewriter. They have an unexpected opening. The college that is, not the editor.
Unlocked with Making Friends among God's Editors 1

Leave them to it

Editing holy books really isn't your sort of thing.

Accept the position

Someone of your literary talents and rare spirituality would be the ideal candidate. The College is surprisingly, ahem, catholic about doctrinal differences.
Unlocks with 12 x Collated Research, Connected: The Church 20

Opportunity Card(s)

Upon accepting the position, the following Opportunity Card(s) appear from time to time.


A Day with God's Editors [Standard]

At Saint Cyriac's Illuminated College, you hear typewriters clatter, the scratching of pens, the turning of pages and the occasional clerical fist-fight.
Unlocked with Membership of God's Editors 1

Examine the latest revisions

The Querulous Theologian hands you a new volume in her apparently endless series, 'Augustine and the Bat'. She would like your comments.

Work diligently

The works that need revision are as numerous as the lights in the cavern roof. It's hard work, but one does what one must.

Ask about a certain passage of St Matthew, and its revisions

"It has been subtly omitted from the Book in every church. You know the one I mean. I must see it. I can offer information…" Do not play this branch unless you have precisely the right quantity of Proscribed Material. This content is unavailable pending content revision.
keyhole1small.png [Unlocked with Impossible! 1 ]
appallingsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with seeking Mr Eaten's Name 7]
enigmasmall.png [Unlocked with 77 x Searing Enigma]

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