Main Qualities

There are four main Qualities in Fallen London: Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy and Watchful. They are shown on the left side of the main screen.

These qualities are used in most storylet requirements and challenges. Most advanced stories have a minimum quality level for one or more of these qualities.


Some branches test one of these qualities. If you succeed the challenge, you will normally get a few Change Points in that quality, plus some other reward. If you fail, you still gain some points in that quality (though normally fewer than if you won), and possibly other results.

Once you gain enough Change Points, the level of the quality will increase. You need 1 Change Point (CP) to get to level 1; 2 more CP to get to level 2; 3 more CP to get to level 3; etc. See Gameplay for a summary of how much you gain for challenges.

Second Chances

A handful of special items let you try a challenge again at no penalty. There are 2-3 items that give a second chance for each quality as noted here:

Quality Second Chance
Dangerous Hard-Earned Lesson, Surprise Attack
Persuasive Token of Admiration, a Confident Smile, a Twincandle
Shadowy Hastily Scrawled Warning Note, an Anticandle
Watchful Sudden Insight, a Listening Candle

If you fail and chose to use a second chance, you get the following message:

…but you used up a <second chance item> to get a second chance!


At higher levels (generally around ~33 in a given quality), whenever you fail in a challenge you will get a small increase to one of the major Menaces. They are associated as follows:

Quality Major Menace
Dangerous Wounds
Persuasive Scandal
Shadowy Suspicion
Watchful Nightmares

You get the following message when that happens:

Now you're reaching higher levels, failures at <Quality> challenges will often increase your <Menace>. There are many ways to reduce <Menace>, including a social action when it rises high enough.

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