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See the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor
See Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face


Pass the Cat: A peculiar tradition

A gently rustling box sits on your dining room table. At least two layers remain. Are you ready to play PASS THE CAT?
Unlocks: A Boxed Cat? x 1

Pass it on!

Unwrap a single layer and post the box on to someone else…
(You will be prompted to select a friend to send the cat to.)

Option 2: A wicked game!

And you'll have no part of it. Free the creature!


Pass the Cat: the Unwrapping!

Unlocks: A Nearly Unwrapped Cat?
A gently rustling box sits on your dining room table. Only one layer remains!

Option 1: Behold the cat

Luck Challenge: either way
You catch your breath. The last layer of paper lies within. What's in the box?


A rat infestation?

Mysterious scurryings in the walls at night. Rat-holes gnawed in the walls. Food stores ravaged. Definitely a problem.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 20

Worrying signs

This rathole looks sawed, not gnawed. You should investigate more closely.


A bad case of rattus faber

You have rats: and some of the ratholes have been dynamited open, not gnawed. You have an infestation of L.B.s, aka rattus faber! Viciously intelligent rats who set traps for humans! No landlord or Constable will tangle with these. [As your Troubled by Vermin drops, new options to deal with this menace will unlock.]
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 19

Begin a campaign of extermination

Not all of them are L.B.s. The ordinary rats that attend them will be easiest to shoot or poison.
(Dangerous challenge)

Alternate approach: try to negotiate with the rats.

Perhaps you can convince some of them to go elsewhere.
(Persuasive challenge)


The rats are growing cautious

You've enjoyed initial successes in your campaign against the rats. Now they're switching tactics. They post watch-rats and employ anti-trap squads.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 14 (No longer available at Troubled by Vermin 20)

Employ a rat-catcher

Rat-catchers prefer to avoid L.B.'s altogether, but here's a surly villain who'll take your money to deal with the creatures.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds
Unlocked with 50 x Rostygold

Redouble your efforts

You won't be out-foxed by a gang of larcenous vermin!
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 28)

Unleash the Thing from the Wardrobe

It's not doing you any good, squatting up there on the wardrobe. And it seems to eat everything except rats. Perhaps it's time to make it earn its keep. But is that wise?
Unlocked with 1 x Starveling Cat


A bad case of rattus faber: try for the footsoldiers

You notice some of the ordinary rats are collared with rostygold. These seem to be the ones favoured as pets[1] by the L.B.s
themselves. Let's deal with them next.

[1] Pets…or concubines? Best not think about that.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 11 (No longer available at Troubled by Vermin 19)

Concentrate on the collared rats

They seem sleeker than the others, but no faster or stronger. In some cases, their fur seems to have been combed! What devilish debaucheries are here?
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward < 42)

Alternate approach: bait a trap with rostygold

They like rostygold, eh? Perhaps that can be used against them.
Unlocked with 10 x Rostygold
Shadowy challenge, straightforward < 46


A bad case of rattus faber: the battle for the pantry

The rats are after your victuals! The pantry is a crucial battlefield.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 7 (No longer available at Troubled by Vermin 16)

Starve them out

Keep no food in the lodgings. You can afford to eat out, but only once every two days. Who will crack first?
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at < 42)

Defend the pantry against all comers!

You will protect your last packet of Mr Murgatroyd's Fungal Crackers with your life!
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at < 42)


Employ the poisons of Dottore Rappacini

Dottore Rappacini's venoms will certainly cause misery to the rats. But what will they do to you?
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 4 (No longer available at Troubled by Vermin 16)

Unleash the smokes of unmercy

The Dottore will run copper pipes into the deep crevices of your lodgings. He will then use a patented bellows to pump the fumes of nameless and terrible herbs deep into the rats' tunnels. You are to stand well back.
Unlocked with Rostygold x 100

Don't pay the piper

Let the man run his pipes where he may. Once the rats are dead, why pay him?


Locate an L.B. hoard!

They're using your place as a stash-house! Inconvenient for you, but you might be able to locate one of their stashes…
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 3 Unavailable at Troubled by Vermin 14

Catch and interrogate an L.B.!

They do speak English, in their nasty piping way.
(Dangerous challenge)


Duel the ringleaders!

Impressed by your tenacity, the L.B. ringleaders challenge you to duel them. Of course, a rat-duel is a series of savage ambushes. On the up-side, rats die forever in Fallen London, and humans generally do not.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 3

Attempt to survive the duels unscathed

Their inventiveness is equalled only by their savagery. Be wary.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward < 44)

Take on a gang of them at once!

Risky, but you do have something of a weight advantage.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward < 44)


Your reputation has brought out the Rattus Faber chief

Man versus Rat. Defeat this one and the others will leave.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 39]

Go for the kill

These are more than vermin. They're a menace.

_ Dangerous challenge

Try to take him alive

These vermin have been worthy adversaries. And you may be able to wring a ransom out of them if you offer to spare him. But taking him alive will be much harder.

_ Dangerous challenge

Much, much later…


A letter from Feducci

You receive a letter from Feducci, the notorious ring fight arranger and self-proclaimed tomb-colony prince. The envelope also contains a tiny scrap of black ribbon.
Unlocks: Dangerous 73

'Dear Sir, '

I have been watching your progress through the fighting rings. I believe that you would enhance the Black Ribbon Society. This is my inner circle: a group of duellists who are prepared to duel to the final death in search of glory and sport. Find me near Wolfstack Docks if you have the courage.
Does not test any stats


This opportunity is available anywhere once your Dangerous reaches 97

A letter from Mr Inch

Unlocks: Dangerous 97
A letter arrives for you. It bears the handwriting of Mr Inch, London's most celebrated purveyor of oversized lizardry.

Open it up

See what the veteran beast-wrangler has to say. [Note: you may wish to finish up any beast-hunting before you do this. Fresh adventures await!]
Does not test any stats


A night-time conference

Appears to be content added on January 17, 2011
Unlocked with Dangerous 85
Disappears at Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns 4

Coming home early one night, you spy a conference of your rat companions on a dinner plate. A circle of crumbs. Spilled wax. Of course, the Talkative one is in the middle of it.

Hang back and overhear what you can

Unlocked with 1 x Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief , 1 x Working Rat , 1 x Talkative Rattus Faber.

Something about 'defence' and 'candles'. A reference to face removal. Are they turning on you? Aren't the gifts you bring them from Veilgarden's excellent cheese shops enough to ensure their allegiance?

One always gets left out

Unlocked with 1 x Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief, 1 x Talkative Rattus Faber, 1 x Working Rat , 1 x Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief.

The Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief is conspicuously absent from this group. Play on his insecurities. Find out what he knows. Proceed with caution.


Out-ratting the rats

unlocked with Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions… 1, Talkative Rattus Faber 1, Working Rat 1, Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief 1
Can be repeated up to Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions… 12

Scraps of paper in the wastepaper basket, covered in tiny handwriting. Chittering in the small hours. Rostygold and Roquefort stashed in ready sacks. Something has your L.B. companions on edge. It would be good to know what.

Bribe them

Unlocked with Rostygold 50

You've never met a rat that didn't like his rostygold.

Threaten them

Dangerous Challenge
Straightforward at 90

It's a delicate matter, disciplining rats.


Address the problem of this Big Rat

(unlocked with Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions… 5, Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief 1, Talkative Rattus Faber 1, Working Rat 1)

Life would be simpler if your companions could sleep in peace…

Put the offer to your companions

(unlocked with Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions… 5)
Progress Challenge
Straightforward at 10

Explain how big in rat terms doesn't mean big in person terms. Offer them the favour of ridding the world of the Big Rat.

Find the Big Rat on your own

(unlocked with Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions… 5)
Progress Challenge
Cannot reach Straightforward (Would be 13)

You have an idea where his agents, at least, might be found. [Warning: failure here will cost all of your progress so far.]


A mysterious box

Someone has left a box in your lodgings…
Unlocks: Shadowy 53, a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 1

Pick it up

You just know that this thing will cause trouble for you. Sometimes you just have to accept things.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 66)

Think about it for a while

You should consider the matter before doing anything rash. Perhaps you should go for a walk.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 69)

Throw the thing in the river

You are simply not going to get involved with this.

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