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During the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

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In 2012, these storylet were available anywhere.


Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!

Love is kind. Love is cruel. At this time of year, Fallen Londoners celebrate by sending unexpected gifts to each other. Not all these gifts are welcome.

Send a small token of your regard

Blush-apple, the Neath's most charming fungus! Send this to someone you like to increase their Admired. Of course, they won't know what it is unless they open it.
Unlocked with 30 x Rostygold

Send a small token of your scorn

You wouldn't. Would you? Send this to someone as a cruel prank. If they open it, their Admired will suffer badly.
Unlocked with 25 x Jade fragment

Send a token of undying love

Some Londoners consider it gauche to send a gift to your true love at the Feast. But it's a sure way of indicating your devotion.
Unlocked with 600 x Rostygold

appeared 2012

'Do yer wanna see the real Exceptional Rose?'

An Opportunistic Urchin intercepts you on your doorstep with an intriguing question.
Unlocked with 1 x Gift of Adoration

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