Your lodgings: safety, sanctuary and mystery, as a wise man once said.

You start the game Homeless, but quickly find a place to live. Once you have unlocked it, you can access this location by traveling on the main map.

Your type of lodgings dictate how many opportunity cards you can have in play and give defensive bonuses for the Game of Knife and Candle. From your Lodgings, you can find storylets to attend church to reduce Scandal, treat your Wounds, deal with Nightmares and invite friends to participate in various Social activities. There are also a few stories that begin or play out in your Lodgings and storylets that appear only during certain events. Each lodging also has an associated opportunity card.

keysmall.png Available Lodgings
lodgingssmall.png Things to do at your Lodgings
storyletgreybutton.PNG Stories that occur at your Lodgings
clayman4small.png Your Neighbors

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