Feast of the Exceptional Rose - Ladybones Road

During the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

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The two entries on this page are actually Opportunity cards, not storylets, and one isn't even a Watchful card. These have been moved to the correct pages and this page has been unlinked in the off-chance that a future Feast includes Watchful storylets.


A dance with devils!

They say the Brass Embassy holds the best masked balls in all of Fallen London. Naturally, you won't want to miss their Exceptional Rose extravaganza…
Unlocks: Watchful 5

Option 1: Bluff your way in

The guest list is just for show, anyway. The more mortals the merrier, as far as the devils are concerned.(Watchful Challenge)

Option 2: Attend as an invited guest

If you agree to do just a tiny bit of spying, a contact in the Church can obtain you a coveted ticket to the ball. (Watchful Challenge)


Seasonal mischief

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose brings lovers together. It also brings opportunities for scheming and larceny… and for reviewing one's own romantic arrangements.
Unlocks: Shadowy 5

Option 1: Disrupt an inconvenient romance

You have been offered a little reward, should you be able to hasten the demise of a certain ill-advised liaison… (Persuasive Challenge)

Option 2: Rid yourself of that irritating suitor

Someone won't leave you alone. Any charm they once had for you is quite, quite gone. (A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

Option 3: Take advantage of others' distraction

They're busy gazing into each other's eyes. Serve them right if their pockets got picked. (Shadowy Challenge)

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