Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 51-60

41-50 owlsmall.png 61-70

Track down a Spirifer

You've had a tip-off about a gang of Spirifers working around St Nathanael's Hospital.

Spirifers prey on the almost dead, those unfortunates with a slippery grip on their souls. In Fallen London, where one can be almost dead indefinitely, spirifers do a roaring trade.
Unlocked with Watchful 53

Watch from the rooftops

A convenient skylight beckons. But watch your step, it's a long way down.
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 62)

Disguise yourself as an invalid

Skulking be damned, you should infiltrate the hospital!
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 57)


A raid on the Brass Embassy!

You have discovered some exciting news. The Constables are planning a midnight raid on one of the Brass Embassy's secret warehouses. You stand to gain - and possibly lose - a great deal from this intelligence.

[NOTE: This storylet disappears once you succeed at it, no matter which choice you make. Choose carefully!]
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with Watchful 53]

Plan the raid for the Constables

You can sketch the warehouse layout from memory, and you know exactly when the foregoat takes a sandwich break…
coppersmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: the Constables 3]
A challenge for your Watchful quality. [straightforward at 68]

Warn your contacts at the Embassy

The Constables have entrusted you with every detail of tonight's raid. The poor credulous fools.
devilsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Hell 3]
A challenge for your Watchful quality. [straightforward at 68]


Strange lights in the Forgotten Quarter

The torches burn blue in the hollow windows of the Forgotten Quarter. The doors of kings' tombs gape wide: silver necklaces and pearl-adorned bones spill forth. But these riches are as nothing to the words on the walls of the tombs…
Unlocked with Watchful 55

Travel there now

You are, after all, very, very clever. Secure information before you go. It'll prepare you well.
Unlocked with Route: The Forgotten Quarter 1

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