Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 41-50

31-40 owlsmall.png 51-60

Recover illegally traded souls

A newspaper advertisment: Consulting detective required for recovery of illegally obtained souls.
Unlocked with Watchful 41

Saving souls

Intriguingly, the client is the Church. The old priest's offer barely covers your expenses, but they say it's the Lord's work.
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 50)


Lay out a false trail for a spy

Spies from the surface abound in Fallen London. This one in particular has been getting results, and needs to be led astray.
Unlocked with Watchful 44 No longer available at Watchful 59

A trail of breadcrumbs

A scandalous secret whispered here, an intriguing document carelessly left there. This will be interesting.
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 53)


Night watch at the Brass Embassy warehouse

Hell's most successful trading company, Abbadon & Bael, is hiring.
Unlocked with Watchful 45

Easy money?

'It's pure monkey work,' says the corpulent goat-demon at the warehouse gate. 'Just stay awake, keep an eye on the stock and make sure nothing escapes. You don’t scare easily, do you?'
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 54)


Scrutinise infernal contracts

The Brass Embassy is so tangled in paperwork that Hell itself is recruiting temporary staff to handle the backlog.
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with Watchful 47]

Disentangle the red tape

A bespectacled devil locks you into a stifling, windowless room, stacked with reams of ribbon-tied parchment. Well, it looks like parchment. Somewhat oily parchment, perhaps, and occasionally tattooed.

_ Watchful challenge


Industrial espionage!

The constables suspect that stolen goods are moving through the Brass Embassy’s secret export network. They need an eye on the inside. Spying on the dealings of devils is a dangerous occupation. One thing is for sure: if they catch you, they won’t kill you. Not for weeks.
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with Watchful 50]

Investigate the Embassy warehouses

You've done enough nightwatchman work to earn the foregoat's trust. You'll have the place to yourself tonight…
A challenge for your Watchful quality. [straightforward at 59]

Investigate the Embassy offices

You are a dab hand at infernal paperwork by now, and you've made some friends in the secretarial pool…
A challenge for your Watchful quality. [straightforward at 59]

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