Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 31-40

21-30 owlsmall.png 41-50

Infiltrate the Clay Quarters

You suspect that the missing Comtessa is somewhere in the Clay Quarters, far beneath Ladybones Road…
Unlocks: Watchful 32

Navigate the labyrinth

The Clay Quarters: a tangled maze of tunnels stretching for lightless miles beneath the city. Some say the constables abandon murderers down here. Some say the Vake prowls the dripping corridors. But what the hell, you’ve got some string, you’ll probably be fine.
(Watchful challenge; modest at 37, straightforward at 41)

Disguise yourself!

On the other hand, why skulk in the tunnels? Slap a bit of mud on your face and ask directions from the real Clay Men.
(Shadowy challenge; modest at 50, straightforward at 54)


Love and Death in the Clay Quarters

To find the missing Comtessa, you must confront her abductor, far beneath the city.

The tunnels are unnaturally quiet as you descend. The clay manservant is waiting for you, beside the statue of his missing mistress.

"She is become stone," he says in slow, clotted Loamsprach. "She loved me. I stole from her father, so that we might escape. Now, we shall be stone together. The working is almost finished. She cannot be flesh again."

You stare at the statue. A pair of frightened green eyes stare back at you.
Unlocks: Watchful 32, a visitor to the Clay Quarters 1

Smash the Statue

You can't leave her like this.
Unlocks: Dangerous 1

Leave her to her muddy paramour

Who are you to interfere with the course of true love?
Unlocks: Watchful 1


Spy on a tomb colonist

What is that bandaged many-times dead woman up to? A Stern Lawyer will pay to find out.
Unlocked with Watchful 33 (No longer available with Watchful 48)

Follow at a respectable distance

The tomb-colonist is slow, but keen-eyed and patient. It will take skill to observe and not be observed.
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 42)

A more direct approach: pick her pockets

The colonist is carrying a large satchel. Perhaps there's something interesting in it.
(Shadowy challenge)


Search for a missing Rubbery Man

A trader in deep amber is concerned that his Rubbery Man contact has gone missing…
Unlocks: Watchful 35 (No longer available with Watchful 50)

'Well dressed, squid-like facial appendages…'

Rubbery Men do rather stand out, but it's a big city and you have little to go on. Where to start?
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 35)


Track down and silence an anarchist

An anarchist is upsetting people with incendiary pamphlets and the occasional bomb. The authorities want him dealt with, quietly.
Unlocks: Watchful 38 (No longer available with Watchful 53)

Ink and malice

The anarchist uses a print shop somewhere in the city: perhaps that can be used against him.
(Watchful challenge; high-risk at 39)

Infiltrate the anarchists

Perhaps it is possible to use your connections among the revolutionaries to get to the anarchist.
Unlocks with Connected: Revolutionaries 1
(Connected: Revolutionaries challenge; high-risk at 3, chancy at 4, modest at 6)

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