Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 21-30

11-20 owlsmall.png 31-40


Babysit a troublesome aristocratic miss

A wealthy noble needs somebody to keep an eye on his wayward daughter. The young lady is burning through her inheritance, and he wants to know where those echoes are going.
   [Unlocked with Watchful 21-36]

The girl with mushrooms in her hat

The young Comtessa is quick-witted and has a taste for adventure. No wonder Daddy is tearing his hair out. Follow her, but don't get spotted.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (2.4% per point)

She seems to have many friends

Her friends probably know what she's up to. Perhaps you can charm them into a tiny indiscretion.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (2.4% per point)

The Disappearing Heiress

The adventurous Comtessa has been gone for three days. Her father's strong box lies mangled on the study floor. Daddy will give anything to see that money again. And his darling little girl, of course. That goes without saying.
   [Unlocked with Watchful 23-38]

Revisit the lady's favourite haunts

You know enough about the Comtessa’s tastes to follow her trail. One of her friends will know something.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (2.2% per point)


Surveillance Contract: Find a Tattooed Messenger's contact

The Constables suspect that revolutionaries are using Clathermont tattoos to feed information to a foreign power!
   [Unlocked with Watchful 24]

followsmall.png Actions for this Venture begin in Ladybones Road. They are gathered on their own page.


Interrogate the manservant

The missing Comtessa's father is paralysed, and employs a Clay Man as a manservant. What have those loamy eyes seen?
   [Unlocked with Watchful 26-41]

Blood from a stone

Clay Men are not renowned for their chattiness. The Comte's manservant, seven foot of cracked mud in a damp tuxedo, is taciturn even by their standards. Will he crumble under your questioning?

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (2% per point)

Advise on a Tattooed Corpse

There's talk you have some knowledge of Clathermont's tattoos. These gentlemen would like to speak to you about a body they can't read.
   [Unlocked with Watchful 26-41]

Stick with what you know

Be specific and definite about the symbols you recognise.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (2% per point)

Make educated guesses

There are some symbols you were never sure of. Their faces don't give much away when you talk, but you might be able to spin out what knowledge you have and go by their reactions.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (1.8% per point)

Discover the secrets of the Clay Men

They are the silent servants of the nobility, and the brute strength of Wolfstack Docks…
   [Unlocked with Watchful 29-44]

Scour the bookshops

The alleys behind Jekyll Gardens are stuffed with occult bookstalls. Perhaps you can pick up some mineralogical titbits.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (1.8% per point)

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