Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 11-20

 1-10 owlsmall.png 21-30

Set a watch on the rear entrance of Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour

The Constables have heard you're keen-eyed and quick-witted. They'd like you to note who goes in and out secretly.
   [Unlocks with Watchful 11-26]

Note down descriptions of the visitors

This should satisfy the Constable

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (4% per point)

See if you can get the names of the visitors.

The Constables will most likely pay a bonus.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (3.3% per point)

Learn Clathermont the Tattooist's language of hints

No-one directly requests a secret in their tattoo. How do they do it?
   [Unlocks with Watchful 14-29]

Get casual work sweeping the parlour floor - and listen in

The customers ask for secrets to be encoded into their tattoos through slang and innuendo. If you can listen in and get the hang of this, it'll be valuable information.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (3.3% per point)

Sketch a tattoo-with-a-secret at Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour

You think you can tell, now, when a customer is asking for a tattoo with a hidden message. The Constables will pay for accurate sketches of tattoos that may contain messages to foreign powers.
   [Unlocks with Watchful 17-32]

Snatch a glimpse - and memorise it

If you hang around the shop you can probably get a look at one of the special tattoos. You'll have to sketch it later from memory, to avoid arousing suspicion.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (2.8% per point)

Make clandestine sketches, right there in the shop!

If you pretend to be a waiting customer, perhaps you could make sketches under the pretence of writing letters or keeping your diary.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (2.5% per point)

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