Things to do in Ladybones Road...

When your Watchful is 1-10

ladybonessmall.png  owlsmall.png 11-20


Study the secrets of Fallen London.

Fallen London is a city of secrets. If you're here to find them, Ladybones Road is the place to start.

Decipher graffiti

Visitors from Hell come through here. Some of the scrawlings are bizarre, terrifying or very, very funny. Some hold valuable secrets.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (Straightforward at 2)

Listen to gossip at Hangman's Arch

Old women sell sugared mushrooms between executions at Hangman's Arch. They know a surprising amount about what goes on in the city.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (0-5 range)

The Last Constable?

You keep hearing stories of a Constable who isn't like the others… a woman who works alone. What secrets does she know? Perhaps you could set up a meeting.
   [Unlocked with no more than 0 x A Rendezvous with the Cheery Man]
   [Unlocked with Family and Law no more than 0]
   [Unlocked with no more than 0 x A Rendezvous with the Last Constable]


Go mudlarking

All kinds of things wash up on the shores of the Stolen River. If you have a good eye, you might get lucky.
   [Unlocked with Watchful 2-17]

Poke around near the shore

This close in, the mud is fairly safe. They say a lighter loaded with contraband wine went down just the other day.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (0-10 Range)

Go as far out as you can [2 actions]

The mud is treacherous too far from the shore: sticky and devouring. You'll need to keep a sharp eye out.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (0-15 Range)

What on earth?

There's a message tucked snugly into a wine bottle. It's encoded. What's more, it's addressed to one of your friends on the Surface. [This will invite someone who isn't playing to join you, and start them on a short, lucrative story.]


Advising the Loquacious Vicar

A note leads to a mysterious investigation of devil morality.
   [Unlocked with Homeless 0]

clergysmall.png Actions for this Story all occur in Ladybones Road. They are gathered on their own page.


The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective

His mind is half-gone, but his reputation remains…
   [Unlocked with Homeless 0]

honeydetectivesmall.png Actions for this Story all occur in Ladybones Road. They are gathered The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective.


Ambition: Nemesis

Someone you loved is dead…
   [Unlocked with Watchful 6]

knifetingsmall.png Actions for this Ambition occur all around Fallen London. They are gathered on their own page.


Study the hidden language of tattoos

They say spies, savants and poisoners use them to conceal their most vital secrets.
   [Unlocked with Watchful 9-24]

Frequent the public house across from Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour.

Many of his customers come here to recover. Even those with no real secrets try to make use of as much of their hidden language as they can.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (Straightforward at ~22)

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