Lamplighter Beeswax

Lamplighter Beeswax
The poisons of the lamplighter bee make collecting its wax a dangerous job. The price, however, is right. Create this by using other Luminosity items in your inventory.
Purchased for 2 pence, Sells for 1 penny

Using Lamplighter Beeswax

Find buyers for your Lamplighter Beeswax

Someone must have a use for it.


You know a fellow who wants it

The Radical Factotum is suspected of supplying revolutionary groups. If that doesn't trouble you, he's after wax today. [This will always gain you Phosphorescent Scarabs. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 100 x Lamplighter Beeswax
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.


Offload a great qualitity of wax

Just how fond of beetles are you? [This will always gain you many Phosphorescent Scarabs.]
Unlocked with 1000 x Lamplighter Beeswax

Obtaining Lamplighter Beeswax

Destroy a candlemaker's moth infestation (Watchmaker's Hill)

  • Unlocked with Dangerous 26
  • Gain: 9 x Lamplighter Beeswax, Dangerous is increasing

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