Jade Fragment

Jade Fragment
So shiny! It's fossilized souls, you know.
Purchased for 2 pence, sells for 1 penny

Using Jade Fragments

Sell your Jade Fragments

You know a fellow who trades in this sort of thing. His shop is stuffed with delightful curiosities and an occasionally violent cave mynah.


Trade jade for relics

The Travel-Worn Antiquarian has some freshly-dug Third City pieces if you're in the market. [This will always gain you Relics of the Third City. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 100 x Jade Fragment
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.


Buy out a shop of antiquities with your jade

'I'll have that one, and that display, and those crates, and that box…' [This will always gain you many Relics of the Third City.]
Unlocked with 1000 x Jade Fragment

> Note: This isn't the best way to get Relics of the Third City. The fellow in the corner in Spite will give you eleven of them for just ten Rostygold, rather than asking a hundred Jade like this fellow. Further, it won't cost you Connection to the Tomb Colonies, and occassionally gives you an Aeolian Scream.

Obtaining Jade Fragments

The Shuttered Palace Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
Green Fingers - Bid for a straightforward design job Persuasive 69 Persuasive 83 37 x Jade Fragment

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