Items By ID

All items have a unique ID number. This might be useful for looking for gaps or things that were overlooked on the wiki (although some older content ID's may not be available).

Items have both a specific item ID, and also a quality id. See also Qualities by ID.

In Chrome or Safari (or similar browsers?), you can right click on the Buy or Sell button in the bazaar and look for a id="item157" line.

Not listed: Deafening Hat, Archaeologist's Hat, Persuasive Hat, Unobstrusive Bowlerhat, Revolting Disguise, Mouthless Amber Mask, Tanned Mask, Fourth City Rags, Academic Gown, Neddy Suit, Anarchist's Sable, Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony, Prison Shiv, Warm Amber, Rattus Faber Rifle, Sandalwood Club, Vake-Killing Club, Drownie Song of the Deep, Exceptional Petal, Forbidden Map-Fragment, Spirifer's Fork, Shepherd's Timepiece, A Bag of Fierce Mint Humbugs, Myriad Keys, Spiked Rosary, Bejewelled Cane, Everlasting Candle, Consonant Violin, Ratting Piece, Key-to-Heart Dagger, Box of Potentials, Mirrorcatch Box, Iron Republic Journal, Mirror-Polished-Shoes, Noise-Eaters, Haunted-looking Dog, Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief, Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appetite, Hysterical Monkey, Cardsharp Monkey, Half-Wild Mandrake, Rubbery Conspirator, Rubbery Associate, Wolfie, Salt Weasel, Albino Rat, Adopted-ish Daughter, Dark-Carapaced Crustacean, Dreamy Raven Advisor, Pristine Raven's Egg, Philosophical Raven Advisor, Mystic Raven Advisor, Wary Raven Advisor, Unscrupulous Raven Advisor, Devious Raven Advisor, Rose-bearing Maggot, Watchful Doll, Affable Spy, Canny Costermonger, Somnolent Hyaena, Plated Seal, Tomb-Lion, Rubbery Hound, Corresponding Ocelot, Ocular Toadbeast, Obdurate Stallion, Slavering Dream-Hound, Bifurcated Owl, Bandaged Raven, Partisan Messenger Tortoise, Subtle Mole, Tell-Tale Beetle, Preening Macaw, Grubby Kitten, Disappointing Marsh-Wolf, Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree, Hungover Terrier, Maverick Bloodhound, Taciturn Mynah, Black Wings Absinthe, Blistering Brass Key, Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist, Dark-dewed Cherries, Darkdrop Coffee, First City Coin, Giggling Mandrake, Implacable Detective's Business Card, Memento of Passion, Nephrite Lens, O'Boyle's Practical Primer in Many Oriental Languages, Page from the Liber Visionis, Starveling Cat, Tiny Jewelled Reliquary, A Boxed Cat?, A Clandestine Rendezvous At Watchmaker's Hill, A Copy of your Allegorical Satire, A Copy of your Epic Poetic Cycle, A Copy of your Gothic Romance, A Copy of your Patriotic Adventure, A Copy of your Tale of the Future, A Copy of your Tragedy of Romance, A Fragment of a Black Coral Sculpture, A Heavy Iron Box, A Leathery Human Heart, A Nearly Unwrapped Cat?, A Page of Cryptopaleontological Notes, A Page of Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes, A Page of A Page of Theosophistical Notes, A Volume of your Cryptopaleontological Work, A Volume of your Prelapsarian Archaeological Work, A Volume of your Theosophistical Work, Bejewelled Lens, Black Ribbon, Book of Hidden Bodies, Broken Toy, Campaign Medal, Carnival Ticket, Collection of Curiosities, Correspondence Stones, Daguerrotype With Fading Music-Hall Singer's Address, Devilbone Dice, Educating an Elegant Lady, Dirigible schedule notes, Drop of Gaoler's Honey, Exquisite Toy, Gift of Scorn, Gift of Adoration, Gift of Transcendent Devotion, Ginger-Haired Fellow's Address, Honeyed Laudanum, Knot-name, Locket Depicting Twin Sisters, Memory of Chains, Meritorious Copy, Mumbling Bee-keeper's Key, Myrrh-Scented Roses, Night on the Town, Note: A Meeting in the Forgotten Quarter, Notes on the Case of the Speculative Arachnid, On the Maladies of Goats, Outlandish Copy, Painting Fragment, Personal Recommendation, Portfolio of Souls, Rope of knotted rags, Salacious Copy, Sapphire, Scowling Flint Idol, Stain on your soul, Stone Tentacle-Key, Strong-Backed Labour, The Formula for Empyrean Redolence, Tiny Cave Fish, Use of Villains, Venom-ruby, Weeping scar, Whirring Contraption, Confident Smile, Hard-Earned Lesson, Hastily Scrawled Warning Note, Sudden Insight, Surprise Attack Plan, Anticandle, An Unusual Love Story, Certifiable Scrap, Secluded Address, Ray-Drenched Cinder, Memory of Distant Shores, Collated Research, Screaming Map, Screaming Map: Left-Hand Half, Screaming Map: Right-Hand Half, Map Scrap, Zee-Ztory, Partial Map, Puzzling Map, Diamond, Ostentatious Diamond, Comprehensive Bribe, Magnificent Diamond, Mystery of the Elder Continent, Presbyterate Passphrase, Antique Mystery, Primaeval Hint, Amanita Sherry, Brilliant Soul, Muscaria Brandy, Bright Brass Skull, Coruscating Soul, Compromising Document, Stolen Kiss, Favours in High Places, Memory of Light, Mourning Candle, A Journal of Infamy, Tale of Terror!!, Extraordinary Implication, Uncanny Incunabulum, Searing Enigma, A Dreadful Surmise, Romantic Notion, Vision of the Surface, Touching Love Story, Bazaar Permit, Surface-Silk Scrap, Whisper-Satin Scrap, Thirsty-Bombazine Scrap, Puzzle-Damask, Parabola-Linen, Ivory-Organza, Inkling of Identity, Incendiary Gossip, An Identity Uncovered!, Blackmail Material, Dubious Testimony, Sworn Statement, Legal Document, Correspondence Plaque, Aeolian Scream, Storm-Threnody, Night-Whisper, A Starstone Demark, Greyfields 1868 First Sporing, Morelways 1872, Strangling Willow Absinthe, Broken Giant 1844, Cellar of Wine, Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise, Rubbery Skull, Unearthly Fossil, Trembling Amber, Apple of Discord, Key of Dreams, Crumbled Remnant, Amber Carnival Token, Fragment of White Gold, Shrivelled Ball, Dove Mask Shard, Ring of Stone, False Lead, God's Editors, Gang of Hoodlums, Newspaper, Velocipede, Clay Sedan Chair, Respectable Landau, Ratwork Velocipede, Thoroughly Cowed Pony, Voluminous Library, Formidable Basalt Gynasium, Rusty Tramp Steamer, Majestic Pleasure Yacht, Zubmarine, Swift Zee-clipper, various Constant Companion(?), The Parthenaeum, The Young Stags' Club,

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