Intriguing Gossip

Intriguing Gossip
..really? With who? This is worth remembering…
Sells for 20 pence.

Using Intriguing Gossip

Edit your Intriguing Gossip

Perhaps it will make more sense if you write it down. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that.


Go to the Muffled Intriguer for advice

You know very little about the Muffled Intriguer. Only, oddly, that they have a particular distaste for cheese.
[This will always gain you Compromising Documents. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 25 x Intriguing Gossip, Connected: The Great Game 2
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.


Just write the things down

You don't need the assistance of anonymous agents. What you need is an awful lot of ink. [This will always gain you many Compromising Documents.]
Unlocked with 250 x Intriguing Gossip

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