Inciting A Simian Revenge
monkey.png Gained from the Heart's Desire ambition, this Menace represents the possible ill feelings your Monkey feels towards you.

It is first gained when you are searching for First City coins by choosing the following option.

Ambition: Heart's Desire

You need to obtain seventy-seven First City coins. The Bishop's words linger in your ears: 'You can't steal them. You can't find them. They have to be bought, or gambled and won, or freely given. Anything else is bad luck. You don't want to go into the Marvellous with bad luck.'

Tell you what, though, that does mean you could pay someone else who's just happened to steal them. Probably.

Unlocks: Ambition: Heart's Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre's 4

Option 3: Send your monkey out into the night looking for coins

Well it's worth a try. And if he steals them, the bad luck's on him. You don't actually want him to win the Marvellous, do you?
Not for the first time, you wonder exactly what a card-playing monkey's heart's desire actually is.

(A matter of luck: a long shot…but you might win.)

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