Hunt Down The Enterprising Astronomer

This storylet is found in Wolfstack Docks and is used to obtain the Right Hand side of the Screaming Map. This follows the Cat-and-Mouse mechanic, and individuals with Cat and Mouse should be sure to finish their current work before pursuing the Screaming Map.

Comment: The left hand side of the Screaming Map can only be obtained from the Disgruntled Naval Officer. Whereas the right hand half can be found from the Enterprising Astronomer or the Masked Clay Man.


Finding the Screaming Map: beginning the search

Somewhere in these wharfs and warehouses, someone knows where to find a Screaming Map half. [You will need to complete any other Cat and Mouse activities before you can do this. You also won't be able to do this if you're waiting for a certain message.]
Unlocked with Polythreme Ho! 1

Hunt down the Enterprising Astronomer

The Enterprising Astronomer sells singular items, like the right-hand part of the map. He prefers his customers to be equally singular. You will lose your Zee-Ztories whether you pass or fail this challenge.
Unlocked with Zee-Ztory x 10, Bizarre 1
(Bizarre Challenge Straightforward at 10)

Pursuing your Target (Mouse between 2 and 10)


Cat and Mouse: the Screaming Map

They have half of the Screaming Map, and they're around here somewhere. [Gain 50 Cat before your Mouse reaches 1. You can trust your luck or spend resources to be sure of it. But the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets…]
Unlocked with Mouse 2 , Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target (at least) 1

Early days: follow your nose

Preliminary investigations. You still have time. You will gain five Getting Warmer if you're lucky.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 7-10

Early days: play it safe

Or you could trade glim for a hint to your target's whereabouts. You will always gain five Getting Warmer.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 7-10, Glim x 50

The feel of whisper-silk

Is this for a customer of the Enterprising Astronomer, or has he a taste for whispering clothes? This is time-consuming but effective.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 7-10, 3 x Whisper-Satin Scrap, Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target 3

Fate is on your side.

This will give you forty Getting Warmer tokens - usually enough to pass the challenge.


Requires 15 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

Time is passing: follow your nose

The stakes are higher! Time is running out, but your information is fresher. You will gain eight Getting Warmer if you're lucky.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 3-6

Time is passing: play it safe

Perhaps now's the time to use that map you've been saving. You will always gain 8 Getting Warmer.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 3-6, 1 x Partial Map

Last chance! - follow your nose

One last desperate throw of the dice! Will it be enough to find your quarry in time? You will gain ten Getting Warmer if you're lucky.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 2

Last chance! - play it safe

You will be giving up a treasure, but it might be worth it. This will cost you a Puzzling Map, but you will always gain ten Getting Warmer.
Unlocked with Cat 1, Mouse 2, 1 x Puzzling Map

Close in for the kill!

Enough of this. You have your prey. Use this if you've managed to garner enough Cat tokens, and just want to finish it.
Unlocked with Cat 50

Resolution! - Mouse: 1


Finding the Screaming Map: The Enterprising Astronomer

The Enterprising Astronomer has agreed to meet you at the iron gates of the observatory. Will he actually turn up?
Unlocked with Mouse: So little time 1, Playing Cat And Mouse With An Evasive Target 3

Sternly shut

The Enterprising Astronomer leaves you outside in the clammy drizzle for hours. Eventually, a groundskeeper turns up with a package.
Unlocked with No More than 49 x Cat

There he is!

The Enterprising Astronomer coalesces out of the fog. He's smiling, although you don't see a package.
Unlocked with 50 x Cat: Getting Warmer

A notable success - a good deal

The Enterprising Astronomer has a little something extra for you.
Unlocked with 60 x Cat: Getting Warmer

Receiving the Screaming Map half

You will recieve a message approximately 2 days after completing the above storylets, in which you can go to your Lodgings and acquire the Screaming Map: Right Hand Half.

Once you get the Screaming Map: Right Hand Half you can then continue on the quest to acquire the Screaming Map: Left Hand Half once you do, you can craft the Screaming Map and travel to Polythreme

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