Hats available at the Bazaar


Prisoner's Mask
For some reason they make these things out of satin. A great deal of stale beer has been spilt on it though. You wouldn't wear it to a masked ball.

  • Shadowy +1
  • 8 pence (sells for 4 pence)


Mask of the Rose
Mysterious and alluring. A vital accessory for revels on the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.


Modish Bonnet
Very eye-catching! But is the effect quite what you hoped for? [Note: the Scandal that this gives may ciing.]


Pirate Hat
Ridiculous, flamboyant or menacing? You be the judge.


Sporing Bonnet
Are those really mushrooms? If they are, why do they whisper so? How is it they have taken root in your hair, and in your dreams? Who is Madame Limpid?


Gentleman's Hat
A properly dignified enhancement for your head.


Neathglass Goggles
Neathglass is found on black pebble beaches by candle-light. These retain a little of that light.


Gay Bonnet
A stylish enough item, although the paper flowers are a little incongruous so far underground.


Iron Hat
You can't go wrong with an iron hat. Except that you look ridiculous. That's a problem, certainly. Also, it rusts; it punishes the innocent vertebrae of the neck; it attracts urchins who enjoy the cheery ping of a hat-bounced pebble. It is, nevertheless, proof against dart, bullet, and light glim-fall.


Luminous Neathglass Goggles
Radium! What a marvellous discovery! Perhaps you'd care for a cup of radium tea?


Sneak-Thief's Mask
Gorchett & Sons: Rendering You Usefully Anonymous Since 1851.


Beguiling Mask
Mysteriously irresistible.


Exceptional Hat
The Exceptional Hat has never been observed to consume the brains of its wearers. These stories are without exception lies!


Extraordinary Hat
If there is a finer hat anywhere in the Neath…well, don't tell this one. Mr Veils himself is said to wear one, although he is sometimes said to wear it on his fist.


Semiotic Monocle
A really good look at that which men should never learn.


Devilish Fedora
From a far place… and a farther time?


Fecund Amber Tiara
It's all glowy. It smells good. It gives everyone such lovely dreams. What could go wrong?


'Put this on your face. Don't ask why. No! Don't let it touch your lips!'


Snuffer's Face
A fanciful term for a wax mask infused with a Presbyterate drug that sharpens and excites the senses. For God's sake don't sit too close to the hearth.

Hats not available at the Bazaar


Deafening Hat
A hat whose crown contains more than a dozen Primordial Screams. Menacing, imposing and useful for hunting mandrakes, but not comfortable.


Archaeologist's Hat
The mark of the serious investigator of relics of antiquity.


Persuasive Hat
From the very earliest days of the Bazaar, when we were all still in black and white.

  • Persuasive +1
  • No longer available, a thankyou to the first five purchasers of virtual currency


Unobstrusive Bowlerhat
A cranial accoutrement so common that one could easily be lost in the crowd.


Revolting Disguise
A second identity so complete, and so repulsive, that you might beg at your arch-foe's back door without fear of discovery.


Mouthless Amber Mask
Here is a treasure congealed from the black spaces below your feet. Treasure it. Clamp it to your face. Do not particularly inhale.


Tanned Mask
Supple leather, soft as snow, marvellously shaped. The very finest weaselskin, perhaps.

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