Grunting Fen

Your opportunity deck is not available here; however when you return to Zee any cards that were in your hand will still be there. The Bazaar is accessible on Grunting Fen. There is no penalty for having Suspicion or Nightmares at or above 8 here.

Orthos is Coming! 0-4


Grunting Fen

Grunting Fen shoulders uneasily out of the Sea of Voices. Beware. Prodigious strange things happen, this near to Polythreme. Get on with your research while you can - as Orthos gets nearer, things will change…

Listen to the island

Evidently, the Sea of Voices is named for its sounds. If you stand still and quiet, voices seem to surround you. The zailors, always superstitious, are chattering like geese.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Do a survey

Don't waste time sitting around listening. Draw a map!
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Orthos is Coming! 4-5


What is Grunting Fen Made of?

Do you dare to dig on an island that might be able to talk back?

What manner of things live here?

And what manner of things may once have lived here?
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Try some beach-combing instead

The sand humps and slouches unhappily, but seems to accept being walked on.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Orthos is Coming 6: He has Landed!!


The Skull of a Long-Dead God?

Some say the cavern of the Neath is the empty shell that once housed the mind of a god. Is Grunting Fen perhaps one of its teeth?

What can you learn of matters spiritual and supernatural?

The tooth notion is a little fanciful, but what you have seen here already more than suggests there is something unusual about the island.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Follow the trail of history

See if there's any evidence to back up the old zailors' tales of mutiny and rebellion on Grunting Fen.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Orthos is Coming! 7 - He has Landed!!


The Treasures of Grunting Fen

Even the mushrooms here move around, hopping on little stalks like children in a sack race, or rolling like cartwheels with gills for spokes.

Catch some

If you can trap some of these animate fungi and get them back to London, they might be worth a tidy sum.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

How about we make this more… interesting?

The zailors in your crew love a little flutter, and they're already setting up races. Can you pick a winner with your practised eye?
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??

Requires 100 x Rostygold

Orthos is Coming! 8


The Rarer Artifacts

Animate mushrooms and pebbles are all very well, but perhaps there are things here more valuable still?

Go searching

At the very least, you might find some glim in this remote spot.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at ??


Knowledge that Seeped into the Water

Relics of previous cities are scarce on Grunting Fen. But have you yet thought to ask your ship what it learned on its way here?

No more peculiar than anything else here

You've seen things you brought to the island become animate, and the way the water whispers suggests the effect spreads out into the zee.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 132

Orthos is Coming! 9 - He is Here!!


Spiritual riches

There's no escaping the fact that the plants and rocks of Grunting Fen have some kind of sentience. But can you communicate with them? Learn from them?

Untapped wealth

The secrets of the ponds alone must be worth a fortune. Let alone the lichens. It is worth studying their languages.


Describe Grunting Fen in Theosophistical terms

What has your experience here really taught you about matters spiritual?

Rich insights

The sentience you have observed here alone is enough to overturn much current Theosophical thought.

Orthos is Coming! 10- He is Here!!


Orthos Seeks To Take Your Work

Ominous shapes lurk on the water. The Fleet of Truth is looming.

Time to go

Dr Orthos' crew use whatever methods they deem necessary to get the job done. So you should probably leave now.

Tarry a little

Nobody builds a doctorate in a day. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]
(A matter of luck: pretty good odds.)

Cut it fine

What's he going to do? Kill you in cold blood and steal your work?
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

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