Greyfields 1882

Greyfields 1882
One of the better years. Tangy, with an agaric after taste.
Purchased for 4 pence, Sells for 2 pence

Using Greyfields 1882

Uncork a bottle of the '82

Fine wine is best enjoyed in voluble company.


Bring your wines to the Postlapsarian Synod on the Eucharist

The Postlapsarian Synod on the Eucharist is a little-known council that debates matters theological. And drinks startling quantities of wine. The Affable Monsignor deals with visitors. This will always gain you Morelways 1872. There may be other effects.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
bottleandglassredsmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Greyfields 1882]

Help out with the harvest festival

'We do need so much wine for the festival, and Mr Wines is so very difficult to bargain with.' This will gain you a lot of Morelways 1872.
bottleandglassredsmall.png [Unlocked with 500 x Greyfields 1882]

Obtaining Greyfields 1882

Veilgarden Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
Tell Scandalous Joke - Risqué joke Persuasive 1 1 x Greyfields 1882
Tell Scandalous Joke - Politically dangerous joke Persuasive 1 2 x Greyfields 1882
Are you in the book? Persuasive 50 27 x Greyfields 1882
Shuttered Palace Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
The Rival - Start a rumour about your rival Persuasive 65 Persuasive 79 15 x Greyfields 1882
The Antiquarian Footman - Offer the fellow a partnership Persuasive 71 Persuasive 85 37 x Greyfields 1882

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