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Cryptic Clue
A secret too dangerous to be written down, except in code.
4 pence, sells for 2 pence


Deep Amber
Warmly glowing and, er, slightly warm.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


Drop of Prisoner's Honey
The most delightful secret of the Neath: the honey of lamplighter bees fed exclusively on the Exile's Rose.
4 pence, sells for 2 pence


Foxfire Candle Stub
Named for its eery greenish glow. It's not made out of foxes.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


The jewels of the Unterzee! Or possibly shards of phosphorescent insect chitin. Authorities differ.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


Greyfields 1879
The mushroom wines of the Neath are an acquired taste.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny


Greyfields 1882
One of the better years. Tangy, with an agaric aftertaste.
4 pence, sells for 2 pence


Jade Fragment
So shiny! It's fossilized souls, you know.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny


An Infernal Contract
Long since expired, but lawyers love these things.
40 pence, sells for 20 pence


Lamplighter Beeswax
The poisons of the lamplighter bee make collecting its wax a dangerous job. The price, however, is right.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny


London Street Sign
These were all supposed to have been destroyed when the Masters made over the city. Don't be caught with them.
5 Echoes, sells for 2 Echoes, 50 pence


Down here, these are the only way to know what phase the moon is in.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


Nevercold Brass Sliver
Hell's chief export. You thought that was souls? No, they don't export souls.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


Phosphorescent Scarab
A cheap but lamentably mobile substitute for candles. Evidence of Londoners' inordinate fondness for beetles.
25 pence, sells for 10 pence


Primordial Shriek
A scream sealed into a stone jar with black beeswax. Something left over from the dawn of time.
4 pence, sells for 2 pence


Proscribed Material
The censors are empowered to confiscate these. But why should they have all the fun?
8 pence, sells for 4 pence


Rat on a String
A sad little furry body ready to be turned in for the reward, or boiled as the starring ingredient in a tasty stew.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny


Relic of the Fourth City
Horsehead amulets carved from bone and blue-glazed potsherds.
10 pence, sells for 5 pence


Relic of the Second City
Gypsum heads and indecipherable clay tablets.
30 pence, sells for 15 pence


Relic of the Third City
Cinnabar beads and little square granite gods.
20 pence, sells for 10 pence


Traditionally, you're paid in this if you kill something. Note: may not contain actual gold.
3 pence, sells for 1 penny


Silk Scrap
There probably can't be that many spiders down here. Probably.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny


It's not strictly legal to trade these without a license, you know. But it's profitable.
4 pence, sells for 2 pence


Stolen Correspondence
Good heavens. People do these things? And then write them down?
10 pence, sells for 5 pence


Surface Currency
Pounds, francs, dollars, piastres…for spies, collectors and patriots.
6 pence, sells for 3 pence


Whispered Secret
Inscribed in tiny letters on a slip of paper small enough to tie to a raven's leg.
2 pence, sells for 1 penny

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