Gaining A Criminal Reputation

This story begins with an Opportunity Card.


A fair sized job for the right cracksman. [Standard]

There's a big job planned… Following this path will eventually gain you a Gang of Hoodlums, making you more Dreaded.
Unlocked when A Person of Some Importance is: A Significant Individual, A Paramount Presence, A Shattering Force, A Legendary Charisma, An Invisible Eminence, or An Extraordinary Mind

Accept the job

This sort of caper needs takes all sorts. Some clever sod to plan the job, a fellow with the sense to handle fire, a mole in the Constables, lookouts, enforcers, and a skilled cracksman for the safe. Someone like yourself.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge Level 120 Broad difficulty
manaclessmall.png [Unlocked with: Connected: Criminals 20]

The following actions appear in the Bazaar sidestreets when your Criminal Reputation quality is 1.

Improving a bad reputation

If you are to employ a criminal gang of your own, you must teach your name to the prowlers of London's shadows…
unlocked with Gaining a Criminal Reputation 1

Option 1: Spread some money about

Like the seigneurs of old, a baron of the underworld must appear generous. Sometimes.
unlocked with Gaining a Criminal Reputation 1, <3, unlocked with Rostygold 2000

Option 2: Give up on this

Perhaps you don't need a gang of criminals after all.

Option 3: Make an example of an informer

Throw him to the devils for their hunt around the Forgotten Quarter. Let everyone know what happens to those who inform on you. Make his family watch.
unlocked with Gaining a Criminal Reputation 4

Option 4: Make the beggars respect you

The Raggedy Men of the Flit are the Topsy King's invisible army of eyes and ears. Not that he seems to do much with them. You must make them fear your name.
[A matter of luck: it could go either way].
unlocked with Gaining a Criminal Reputation 3, <4, Route: The Flit 1

A Name is Made

They respect you now…Or at least, they fear you.
unlocked with Gaining a Criminal Reputation 5

Option 1: Give up on this

Perhaps you don't need a gang of criminals after all.

Option 2: Bring your gang together

It's time you made your mark in the dark places of the Neath. Which, let's face it, is almost all of them.

unlocked with 8 x Use of Villains 30 x Journal of Infamy, 100 x Appalling Secret each
Connected: Criminals 20

Opportunity Card(s)


The Life of Crime

'What's 'appening today then, guv?'

Unlocks: Gang of Hoodlums 1

Your cut of the take

It's time to accept tribute from your lackeys.

Remind them who's boss

Sometimes you just have to beat the living daylights out of one of your own, for no better reason than to remind them who is in charge.

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