Freelance Smuggling

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Progress in this story arc is shown via the number of Myrrh-Scented Roses you obtain or lose as part of your involvement with the Once-Dashing Smuggler. Once you have met the Once-Dashing Smuggler other opportunities could arise in the Tomb Colonies and elsewhere, and are described below.

Meeting the Once-Dashing Smuggler


Freelance Smuggling

An acquaintance has told you of a Once-Dashing Smuggler who's in need of help. Your friend is willing to make an introduction.
Unlocked with Shadowy 71

Agree to the introduction

Your acquaintance hasn't led you astray before.

Find more information

How come you're not already acquainted with this particular smuggler? Maybe those you do know can tell you know more about this one.
Unlocks: Connected: The Orient 20

More Opportunities once you've Met the Once-Dashing Smuggler


A gallant tomb-colonist

Unlocks: 50 x Myrrh-Scented Roses
The Once-Dashing Smuggler is the consummate host. He only asks for your aid in finding buyers for his grave-gold once you're comfortably seated with a drink in your hand.

Stick to business

Negotiate a fair price, no matter how charming he is.
(Persuasive challenge)

Add in a little pleasure

He is quite fetching. Probably. Under the bandages.
(Persuasive challenge)


An invitation from the Once-Dashing Smuggler

Unlocks: 49 x Myrrh-Scented Roses
The Once-Dashing Smuggler might be smitten with you. He claims to have arranged for the Museum of Mistakes to open at midnight just for the two of you.

Attend with pleasure

My, he's certainly going to great pains for you. Perhaps his interest is platonic, perhaps not. Are you sincere in your friendship, or seeking advantage? [This will begin a romance… of sorts.]

Alert the Constabulary

No matter who this gentleman is, it's unlikely he has the influence to open the Museum at this hour.

Not your type

Don't like men? Don't like tomb-colonists? Smugglers? Green eyes? Anyway, let's give him the push before he gets too keen.


Who is this Smuggler?

Unlocks: 48 x Myrrh-Scented Roses
There’s something intriguing about his graceful brutality. Or should that just be 'frightening'?

Ask him yourself

Would a muscular man wrapped entirely in bandages have anything to hide?

Follow him around discreetly

Why risk arousing the wrath of such a volatile man?


Watching the Shroom-Hopping

Unlocks: 46 x Myrrh-Scented Roses
The Once-Dashing Smuggler has invited you to watch the Shroom-Hopping races with him. It would be enjoyable, if it weren't for the woman with the ornate hat standing directly in front of you.

Politely ask her to move

Well. It's difficult to see. Surely she will understand.

Ignore the giant hat

It's the polite thing to do, and being able to actually see the race is a luxury you can forgo for the sake of a quiet life.

Find a different vantage point

One with the particular advantage of discreetly removing yourself from the Smuggler's presence.


Attending a masquerade

A costumed ball is taking place at the Shuttered Palace. Neither you nor the Once-Dashing Smuggler have invitations, but he doesn’t think that will be an issue. He plans to go dressed as… A tomb-colonist.
[Unlocked with 45 x Myrrh-Scented Roses]

Go dressed as a character from 'Odin's Horse'

This particular opera is all the rage in polite society. Best to put some distance between yourself and the Smuggler.

Go dressed as a tattooed zailor

Why should your companion be the only one dressed as something shocking?

Don't go at all

It's sweet of him to ask, but you have other plans.


A trip to the Emporium

Unlocks: 44 x Myrrh-Scented Roses
The Emporium of Educational Curiosities is a rambling warren of shops and stalls, most owned by the Masters themselves. For someone as notorious as the Smuggler to show his bandages here is madness - but the sort of madness he enjoys.

Tip off the neddy men

If you wish to curry favour with the Masters, you could let them know a wanted criminal is planning to visit the Emporium.

Enjoy the danger

You may be arrested for simply being seen at the Emporium. May as well make the risk worth it.


Going batwatching

A particular dirigible captain accepts unofficial passengers, at a price. The gondola offers unequalled views of the city, and of the bat-flocks of the Neath.
Unlocks: 42 x Myrrh-Scented Roses

Watch the bats with him

There is something very soothing about their movements.

Suggest something less romantic

Perhaps a University lecture?

Attend to the 'stars' by yourself

From here, perhaps you can discern patterns invisible from the cavern floor.
(Watchful challenge; straightforward at 99)


Attend one of the Brass Embassy's hunts

The Smuggler brings you to meet a cadre of devils beneath a silver tree in the Forgotten Quarter. They are all masked save for their eyes, which glint like copper and embers. They give you a brass horn and offer a quasi-equine mount.
[Unlocked with 41 x Myrrh-Scented Roses]

Stay with the pack

Better to stay among experienced hunters.

Head off on your own

This is not nice. Make a tactful retreat from the action. By yourself.

Ride out ahead

You and the Once-Dashing Smuggler can pursue faster on your own.

_ Watchful challenge

Perhaps another time?

You have something terribly pressing to do. Assuming you can come up with something believable.

_ Persuasive challenge

The troublesome suitor

The Once-Dashing Smuggler is dangerous, maddening, and feels deep affection for you. This can only go poorly. Perhaps a friend can help.
[Unlocked with 41 x Myrrh-Scented Roses]

Ask the Struggling Artist

He has had his share of awkward suitors, after all.
chap1small.png [Unlocked when an Admirer of Art is: A Gentle Critic]

Try talking to the Gracious Widow

Maybe she can give you insight into the mind of another Smuggler.
bohogirl5small.png [Unlocked with Connected: the-widow 20]

Go it alone

You don't need anyone's help!

Help from the Affectionate Devil

Perhaps the Devil's feelings for you can help put the Smuggler off your scent. This will likely end the affair with the Once-Dashing Smuggler!
devilsmall.png [Unlocked with an Intimate of Devils 5]


Treasures from the Royal table

The Once-Dashing Smuggler has an opportunity to raid the Empress' larder. Will you join him in a private feast?
[Unlocked with 40 x Myrrh-Scented Roses]

Take up his invitation

Forbidden fruit is that much sweeter.

Warn the pastry-cook

The kitchen staff may be severely punished for turning a blind eye to the Smuggler if you do not intervene.

A firm 'No thank you'

You have no interest in this scoundrel.


A Smuggler's farewell

Unlocks: Myrrh-Scented Roses 4
The Once-Dashing Smuggler must return to the tomb-colonies for business. He longs to see you one last time.

See him off at the dock

A dignified goodbye to a dear friend.

See him the night before

If you might not see him again, it should be a night to remember.

Refuse to see him at all

You have better things to do with your time.

Opportunities in The Tomb Colonies

Once you have made the acquaintance of the Once-Dashing Smuggler, you may encounter him again if you visit the Tomb-Colonies.


Visit an old friend

The Once-Dashing Smuggler lives in this colony. Perhaps you should see him?
Unlocks: 2 x Myrrh-Scented Roses

Assuage your guilt

Being a tomb-colonist is difficult; you see that now. You owe him an apology.
Unlocks: 2 x Myrrh-Scented Roses

Spend a long evening talking

The exchange of gossip is an both a pleasant pastime, and a vital infusion of life, here in the dry, dusty tomb-colonies.
Unlocks: 3 x Myrrh-Scented Roses

Spend a long evening not talking

Hm. Is the Smuggler as well-preserved as the last time you saw him?
Unlocks: 3 x Myrrh-Scented Roses


A Smuggler scorned

After what he sees as your betrayal, the Once-Dashing Smuggler is seething and upset. Will you make amends?
Unlocks: 1 x Myrrh-Scented Roses

Send him a token of your affection

He is strange, and his mercurial ways have caused no end of complications. But he is dear to you, regardless. [This will kindle or rekindle a romance of sorts.]
Unlocks: 100 x Deep Amber


Requires 12 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

Why should you?

He is unstable and violent. If keeping your conscience clear has put him off, all the better.

Who was he again?

That bandaged chap? The one with the unsuitable interest in you? No, let's steer clear of him, he's all sorts of trouble.

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