Free Of Surface Ties

When you have completed the Recalling the Surface storylets, you gain the accomplishment Free of Surface Ties. After that, these opportunity cards and storylets appear.

Opportunity cards


Weather at last

The fog lifts on columns of warm air rising from factories and chimneys. Clouds form above, gaslit from below. For a moment it seems like London never fell. This could be a cloudy night from your days on the surface.
Unlocks: Free of Surface Ties

So much has been lost

The feeling of rain. The warmth of sunlight. Flowers and grass. Real trees. These things are lost to you now.

Well, those clouds are quite pretty

You will mention the clouds to some artist friends at the party you are hurrying to. Perhaps that poet will be inspired to write a work of hope and melancholy. Isn't life endlessly splendid?

An opportunity!

The crowds are looking up at the strange clouds. Perhaps one should pick a pocket or three while they are distracted.
(Shadowy challenge)



Where did that come from?

A determined plant has barged its way through the floor of your lodgings. It's a deep green in colour, which is unusual down here.
Unlocks: Free of Surface Ties

foliagesmall.png (The rest of the storylet, attending to the needs of a singular plant, is on its own page.)

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