Things to do in the Forgotten Quarter...

During the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

These special storylets are only available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.


Each year's Feast of the Exceptional Rose brings different storylets to Fallen London in various locations. This page is quite probably incomplete.


No storylets unique to The Forgotten Quarter.


No storylets unique to The Forgotten Quarter.



A long-lost love

Wandering the Forgotten Quarter late at night, long after most couples have left, you encounter a lonely tomb-colonist. He is looking for his long-lost lady love. Will you help?
Unlocks: Watchful 5

Help to console the gentleman

The bandaged man tells his sad story of love and loss in a halting whisper beneath the moonish light. All you can do is sympathise.

Offer to help find the lady

On the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, how can you refuse him your help?


A lovers' tryst

Let the Exceptional Rose work its magic on the one you admire. Invite them to a secret assignation this evening in the romantic Forgotten Quarter.
Unlocks: Admired 1, Persuasive 40

Choose an out-of-the-way spot

You do not wish to be disturbed, after all. (Straighforward @ Persuasive 51)

Arrange to meet by the silver fountain

It is so easy to lose oneself in the silent streets of the Forgotten Quarter. The fountain is a memorable landmark, although it has a sinister reputation. (Low-risk @ Persuasive 51)

Further your seduction with a romantic tryst

For whatever reason, you have set your sights on someone. Surely they will be charmed by a clandestine assignation amongst the ruins?
Unlocked with Fascinating… 1
(Persuasive challenge)

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