Things to do in the Forgotten Quarter...

When you are Enjoying Lethal Prominence

Storylets that appear when you are Fighting a War of Assassins.


At some point, you will begin Enjoying Lethal Prominence and learn that someone is trying to murder you. Different storylets appear in The Forgotten Quarter, as shown below, as you engage in Fighting a War of Assassins, which lead to conclusions of a direct nature.

Other storylets appear in your Lodgings, to learn about your enemy, and in The Flit, to gain allies and reach conclusions of a different nature.

Fighting A War of Assassins 1-2


The Infernal Hunt

Brass horns and terrified eyes. The devils are at their sport!
Unlocked with Enjoying Lethal Prominence 1

Keep out of their way

An infernal hunt is good news to nobody but devils.
((Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 125))


A Noose

Someone's hired a Malodorous Pirate to kill you. You suspect he's lurking in a dusty ruined granary.
Unlocked with Enjoying Lethal Prominence 1

Who's there?

Was that a creak of rope? Can you smell salt water?
((Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125))


The Tea Shop

There is a cluster of shops at the edge of the Forgotten Quarter. You can fortify yourself with tea and pastries before buying a pickaxe and heading in.
Unlocked with Enjoying Lethal Prominence 1

Enjoy a cream tea

The quiet clink of knives on porcelain. The discreet crunch of mushroom muffins. A woman watches you from the corner. Could she be an assassin?
((Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125))

Fighting a War of Assassins 3


A Ride to the Quarter

You took a hansom to the Forgotten Quarter today. The bustle outside the carriage windows slowly faded into silence and still air.
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 3

She's a killer!

That woman! Oh, she looks respectable. But she once killed the Home Secretary with a pickle fork. Tell the driver to make all haste! Lower the window and blaze away!
Unlocked with 1 x Ratwork Derringer
((Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125))


The Waker of Snakes

Another day, another empty statue-strewn street. Is that a flute you hear?
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 3


Serpents! Thousands of them! A tide of scale and fang roils down the avenue! Some villain has set them on your scent.
((Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125))


The Picnic

The Forgotten Quarter is known for empty, dusty streets. But today, a few students and a deviless are having a little picnic on a stone plinth adorned with cracked marble feet.
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 3

Libate your dusty throat

The wine is a poor vintage, but it's a warm and dusty day. A matter of luck, it could go either way.

Fighting a War of Assassins 4


An Avenue of Dusty Earth

Whispers in the fog suggest that your opponent will be travelling through here tomorrow.
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 4

Man-traps and spring guns

You have a few hours to set a welcome. A welcome of trip-wires, steel teeth and buckshot.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 125)


A Moment of Respite

Despite the dangers, the Forgotten Quarter offers solitude and peace. Sometimes.
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 4

Who's that?

It's… the one who's been trying to kill you all this time! A gaggle of assassins and henchmen surrounds your enemy. You'll only get one shot
Unlocked with 1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125)


The Courier for Killers

Him! He's up to his neck in the killing business! Not a killer himself, but he delivers orders and payment. And more to the point, he doesn't work for you.
Unlocked with Fighting a War of Assassins 4

After him!

He made his name in shroom-hopping and Flit-running. Can you keep up?
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 125)

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