Things to do in the Forgotten Quarter...

When your Watchful is 81-90

As your Watchful increases, more storylets will appear.



The Correspondence: more material

You need more material to further understand The Correspondence. Certain buildings of The Bazaar are decorated with those symbols…
Unlocks: Watchful 81, a Scholar of the Correspondence 1

Improvise a telescope

From the Forgotten Quarter, it's possible to get a look at some of those symbols, with the right tools.
Requires Patent Scrutinizer x 1
Straightforward: Watchful 86?


What are the devils hunting?

The brass hunting horns of devils ring out across the empty avenues of the Forgotten Quarter. What, or who, are they hunting?
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with Watchful 82, no longer available at Watchful 93]

What did they say about curiosity?

Observing devils at their hunts is hardly a safe pastime, but could be interesting.

_ Watchful challenge


Reaping the academic benefits

The hard work on the Correspondence has been done. Now, how to profit from it?
librarysmall.png [Unlocked with a Scholar of the Correspondence 1]
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with Watchful 84]

A few quiet seminars

The Ministry of Public Decency has forbidden speaking about the Correspondence, but a few discreet meetings with masked scholars might be profitable.

_ Watchful challenge
masksmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Prisoner's Mask

A public lecture

The Ministry of Public Decency be damned! The truth will be told!

_ Watchful challenge

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