Things to do in the Forgotten Quarter...

When your Watchful is 61-70

The Forgotten Quarter is most interesting for those who have Watchful of 60 or more.



Gathering reliable staff

You will need assistance for your archaeological expedition. A keen eye is required to pick out the good ones.
Unlocks: Watchful 66, Archaeologist 1 (but no more than Watchful 76)

Hire a university student

The students at the department of Cryptospelunking & Transportable Antiquities are keen enough to make a name for themselves that they pay to accompany an expedition. (Failure increases Victoria's progress).
(Watchful challenge)

Hire a Clay Man

Clay Men are the preferred labourer of the well-informed archaeologist. (Failure increases Orthos' progress).
(Watchful challenge)


United against you!

You hear that Dr. Orthos and Virginia have joined forces against you. They plot to smash your equipment and drive off your staff!
[Unlocked with: Watchful 68, Archaeologist's Hat 1, engaged in a Rivalry of Antiquities 1]
Caution: Failure increases Ortho's and Virginia's progress qualities.
NOTE: This storylet disappears once you make your choice. Choose wisely!

The way of the rat

The cautious approach would be to post a guard over your equipment, warn your people and wait until they give up.
A challenge for your Watchful quality.

The way of the spider

They would interfere with you? Then they shall fall into your trap!
A challenge for your Watchful quality.


Spy on your archaeological rivals

There are those who would seek glory in the Forgotten Quarter at your expense. A little spywork might put them behind you.
Unlocks: Watchful 69, Archaeologist's Hat 1

Option 1: Observe Dr. Orthos

Dr. Gideon Orthos is a respected scholar and a noted gentleman about town.
Straightforward: Watchful 74?

Option 2: Observe Virginia

Virginia is, well, a devil. What does she want in the Forgotten Quarter?
Straightforward: Watchful 74?

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