Flute Street

A fate-locked, mostly Watchful storyline and location involving the Rubbery Men, begun at the end of Solving Cases Around London.

For those contemplating this adventure, here some some spoiler-free tips:

  • Once you've acquired the second half of the key from the Solitary Glim Sculptor, follow the storylets until you've secured the services of a guide. The journey to Flute Street then begins from your lodgings.
  • Your guide asks for a rather long list of items before you start the journey. Some of them are her payment, some of them are consumed along the journey, and some of them are used to speed your progress through Opportunities. It helps to have extra of those consumables, especially if your Watchful is lower.
  • Once you start the trip, you cannot access the Bazaar or other areas until you return to Fallen London.
  • Once you make it to Flute St proper, storylets work on a time-passing mechanic similar to that at The University.
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