Things to do in The Flit...

When your Shadowy is 61-70

As your Shadowy improves, more actions open up to you



Courier for revolutionaries

Several cells of revolutionaries have retreated from the gaze of the Constables to the precarious walkways of the Flit.
catsmall.png Unlocked with Shadowy 62 (Not available with Shadowy 77+)

Taking messages

The revolutionaries need someone not of their number to take messages quickly to their earthbound colleagues. Speed in the flit is dangerous: this will take courage and precision.

_ Shadowy challenge


Cornering the Fence

You've picked up the trail of the Stuttering Fence, who dragged you into the affair of the box. He's back in the rooftops and bridges of The Flit.
Unlocks: Shadowy 62, a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 3, A Heavy Iron Box x 1

Find him among the bat-coops

Although he's not a bat-fancier himself, the Stuttering Fence hides among them.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 71)


Entertain the Topsy King

Where the bridges knot, the Raggedy Men amuse themselves with contests of sleight-of-hand.
Unlocks: Shadowy 64 (Not available with Shadowy 79+)

A little light legerdemain

Make things appear where they weren't. Glim behind an ear. Ferrets in trousers. That sort of thing.
(Shadowy challenge; modest at 69)

Make your Sulky Bat disappear

Before their very eyes! [Be warned: this could cost you your Sulky Bat.]
(Watchful challenge; modest at 69)

Pull your Lucky Weasel from a hat

Millinery. Unexpected animals. An unbeatable combination. [Be warned: this could cost you your lucky weasel.]
(Watchful challenge; modest at 69)


Race across the Flit

The Flit boasts a unique sport: Spire running. Who will be first to make their marks on the six church spires without once touching the cobbles of the city below?
Unlocks: Shadowy 65 (Not available with Shadowy 80+)

'Spire runners - to the guttering!'

You intend to make your six marks in decent time, but not break your neck in doing so.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 74)

Hell for leather

You're going to win this, or something very bad is going to happen.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 77)


Two fine gentlemen come to pay you a visit

Jasper and Frank don't say who they work for. But they'd like the box, please. Immediately.
Unlocks: Shadowy 66, a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 4, A Heavy Iron Box x 1

It's my box now!

It's a good box. It's an intriguing box. It's a box that may well contain a fortune in glim. On the other hand, Jasper and Frank are Clay Men who look a little on the Unfinished side, and they are sporting sledgehammers.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 65)

Give the nice men the box

Those hammers look well used and heavy. You could just hand the box over. It wasn't that good a box in any case.

Catch me if you can!

Jasper and Frank are Unfinished Clay Men. Clay Men are known for their strength and tirelessness. Unfinished Men are notorious for their viciousness. Neither are famous for speed or agility.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 78)

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