Things to do in The Flit...

When your Shadowy is 0-60

As your Shadowy improves, more actions open up to you



Fun with the Fisher-Kings

The Fisher-Kings, the urchins who yank hats and handkerchiefs from citizens in the street below, often visit the Flit.
Unlocked with Shadowy 40

Speak softly to the little villains

Urchins are susceptible to flattery. But their tastes in compliments can be exotic.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 55)

Join in their 'games'

Today they've decided to let an adult join. They'll even pick out the targets for you.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds
Unlocked with Connected: Urchins 1

Listen to them

The urchins will share their secret stories with those few adults they trust.
Unlocks with: Aligned with a Faction: Urchins, Counting the Days no more than 5, Spending Secrets 4


Getting to know the Flit

The Flit! A place of rickety rope bridges, shacks clinging to rooftops and distressing drops to the cobbles far below.
Unlocks with Shadowy 57 (Not available with Shadowy 72+)

Go for a wander

There is a great deal of opportunity for the quiet, the hungry and the subtle. It should be worth your while to get to know the place.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 66)

Go for a run!

What better way to explore the aerial alleyways and bat-covered gables of the Flit than running and leaping about it?
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 69)


Where in the Flit is the Stuttering Fence?

The Stuttering Fence has involved you in a plot centred on the theft of a heavy iron box. You would like a little word with him, and he's somewhere in the Flit.
Unlocks: Shadowy 57, A Heavy Iron Box x 1, a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 1

To the rooftops

The Flit soars above you on creaking rope tethers. Somewhere in that aerial rookery is the Stuttering Fence.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 66)


Meeting the Topsy King

The Topsy King: the notorious beggar-king of the Flit. Although he's far from royalty, you should probably present yourself. Oh yes: he's supposed to be incomprehensibly insane.
Unlocks with Shadowy 59 (Not available with Shadowy 74+)

Present your credentials

The Topsy King holds his beggar-court at the nexus of a dozen mouldering bridges. He greets you: 'Croesing the walkskies. Pick a bat-eve and chant.' Well, yes. The Raggedy Men of the court press in close.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 68)

Try to understand what he's saying

'The walkskies much glaw for cloying, this night.' What? What are you saying to me?
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 71)


Mr Inch and the Topsy King

'Goden! Na harash walkskies. Inchen besty ir yawen walkskies! Thrown diwon na goden thrisk detectoor.' The Topsy King looks sad. Hit bat makes little pushing motions.
Unlocked with Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers 2


The Topsy King wants you to evict certain residents of the Flit who are suspected of being detectives. Probably. One in particular has earned his enmity.
(Dangerous challenge)

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