Favours In High Places

Favours in High Places
Perhaps the only currency that is worth accumulating. [This is mainly used for creating advanced items - such as acquiring a Majestic Pleasure Yacht.]
sells for 12.50 echoes

Acquiring Favours in High Places

* You can convert Stolen Kisses in your Inventory


Ask the Muffled Intriguer to broker your Stolen Kisses

The mysterious veteran of the Great Game knows how to wrestle a romantic indiscretion into a favour. [This will always gain you Favours in High Places. It may have other effects.]

A matter of luck: pretty good odds.

* You can get them from the Bazaar Sidestreets


Stop in at the Horse-Steak Club

The club can afford spacious premises. The membership fees would pauper a pope, but guests are assured of absolute discretion.

Solicit Favours in High Places

A friendly nod, a a twist of bribery, a soupçon of blackmail. Who knows where it might lead?
unlocked with 200 x Cryptic Clue, 1 x An Identity Uncovered, 1 x Secluded Address, 10 x Incendiary Gossip, 25 x Inkling of Identity

* You can get them from a polite invitation at your lodgings


Taking your Leave

The last guests stagger into their carriages. The servants are at work cleaning up the food-stains and wine-spills. Time for home, and bed.

Someone would like a word

Is that who you think it is? [This will trade Talk of the Town for Favours in High Places.]
Unlocks: Talk of the Town 12

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