Facing The Rat Army
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Facing the Rat Army is one of the opportunities worthy of A Person of Some Importance and can lead to eradicating a menace from Fallen London and obtaining a Home Comfort.

You See a Sensational Headline

This story begins with begins with an Opportunity Card.



The newspapers are getting very excited. Wild tales about a legion of rats dominate the headlines.
Unlocks: A Person of Some Importance 1

Look into the matter

The press can be trusted to grasp the basics, even if they miss the details. Bold citizens must step forth and save London from menacing rodents!

Dismiss the claims

A rat army in London? Preposterous.

The Rat Legion is Real

The following storylet appears when you take on the challenge of Facing the Rat Army.


The Rat Legion

The rat legion is real. They have established their fortress in the manor of a recently deceased Black Ribbon Society duellist. The manor is famed for its basalt gymnasium. You could use one of those.
Unlocks: Facing the Rat Army 1

More rats? Oh no. That won't do at all.

A person can grow tired of fighting rats. Let other brave souls of London come to the rescue this time.


You can see them patrolling the grounds in their little ratty helmets. They fix their tiny bayonets as you approach.
Unlocks with: Facing the Rat Army 1 (No longer available at Facing the Rat Army 4)
Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 125

Attack the cavalry

Rodent cavalry: an alarming development. Destroy them!
Unlocks with: Facing the Rat Army 4 (No longer available at Facing the Rat Army 5)
Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 135

Move the stones

It will take a great deal of labour to move this much black stone to your lodgings. But the effects could easily be worth it.
Unlocks with: Facing the Rat Army 5, 12 x Strong-Backed Labour

Having the Gymnasium unlocks the following card


Your Edifice of Black Stone

Unlocked with Formidable Basalt Gymnasium 1
Smooth black stone and blackened iron weights. And, curiously, you never have to clean up the blood.

Train in your gymnasium

That is, after all, what it is there for.

Rent out your gymnasium to ring-fighters

It pays the rent. Or perhaps you just like the smell of blood with your breakfast.

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