Items available in and for use in the Game of Knife and Candle.


Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist

Obviously an inferior imitation. But it will tell you the secrets of the dead. 1x Whispered Secret when you make a kill.

Do…something…with your Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist

You know its use in Knife-and-Candle. But does it serve any other purposes?

Set it by your bed when you sleep

Who, you wonder, makes these heads? Are they real flesh? Are they the victims of some wretched murderer? Are they peculiarly pliable wax? And why do you think you might find the answer in your dreams?
Unlocked with Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 5

Employ it in practical jokes

'Sir! Would you bring my friend his hat?' And other possibly hilarious japes.
Unlocked with Heartless 1
Luck and Persuasive challenge

Kiss its cold blue lips

ah, Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes! What depravity is this? Are there no depths you will not plumb in your quest for sensation?
Unlocked with Hedonist 12
A matter of luck: a long shot…but you might win.


Giggling Mandrake

Deranged and barely controllable, but it can convert the blood of the freshly dead into red gold.
1x Rostygold when you make a kill.

Play with your Giggling Mandrake

You know its use in Knife-and-Candle. But does it serve any other purposes?

Play with the thing

Perhaps it's bored.
Luck challenge: the odds are against you

Set it to fighting!

Let it fight against your other pet mandrake. Risky indeed. Very possibly you'll lose one of them. But it might be fun to see the little devils fight.
Unlocked with Deshrieked Mandrake 1
Luck challenge: the odds are against you

Feed it your own blood

A foolish idea. Genuinely a foolish idea. But the poor thing seems so cold and hungry. A few drops can't hurt.
Unlocked with Magnanimous 12


Nephrite Lens
This has many uses, none of them safe. In the Game of Knife-and-Candle, it can sharpen your mind but slow your hand…


Experiment with your Nephrite Lens

It's fragile: how will you make use of it while it lasts?

View a candleflame through the lens

At the Cottage, the players speak of a curious use of the Lens; one that expands your mind but slows your hand. This will slightly increase Baroque, but decrease Elusive and Savage. You'll lose the modifiers if you change or lose your Form.
magnifyingglasssmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Nephrite Lens]
lurkersmall.png [Unlocked when Knife-and-Candle Form is: The Spiralled Shadow: an Elusive form, The Night-Lamp: a Balanced form, The Egg Imponderable: a Baroque form, The Fatal-Clawed Bat]

View a mirror through the lens

A curious notion! Whatever put it into your head?
magnifyingglasssmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Nephrite Lens]
eyesmall.png [Unlocked with having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? 5]

Use the lens on your own heart's blood…

You'd have to be kill yourself to do that. And they say the lens operates on the energies of the human soul. Do you have the ruthlessness to arrange an experiment of this kind?
magnifyingglasssmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Nephrite Lens]
snakeheadsmall.png [Unlocked with Ruthless 12]


Calamitous Parrot

This parrot will prophesy menacingly after a kill.
1x Appalling Secret when you make a kill - thanks to Rowan Beetje for the info

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