Disgraced Exile In The Tomb-Colonies

When you're forced to flee from the scandals, you hide here…

A maelstrom of scandal!

The stories told of your exploits have become too shocking, even for the nocturnal tastes of Fallen London…. Your only recourse is to flee to a place where these things are considered unimportant, and wait for the scandal to subside. There's only one place down here like that.

Scandal text.

Who ends up exiled here?

When your Scandal Quality reaches 8, you have no choice but to flee into disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies. There are other unwise or unexpected choices that will send you here even if your Scandal has not reached 8. You may also deliberately choose to go here by performing an extremely scandalous action.

What are the Tomb-Colonies like?

Full of rotting men and women standing in cobwebby rooms coughing and complaining and losing track of their arguments. Or having duels every day because they've run out of other things to do.

Sidebar text.

Dismal and musty. But mostly quiet. Sepulchral, even. And far enough away from Fallen London to make it the perfect place to hide out.

What can you do here?

Observe the unusual activities of the Tomb-Colonists. Send and receive letters with various contacts you've made. (Some may be in a position to help you, some not.) Additionally you may try to bribe your way out or use your connections with the Church, Society, the Duchess or, if you're lucky, the Masters of the Bazaar. If you suffer from certain recurring dreams or have met the Once-Dashing Smuggler, other opportunities may arise.

There is no access to the Bazaar from here, and you cannot use your items.

How do I get out of here?

Storylets and opportunity cards will reduce your Scandal, but at the cost of action points and possibly items. When your Scandal Quality reaches 0, you will be able to return to your Lodgings.

bandagedmansmall.png Storylets that appear when you are in the Tomb Colonies

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