Etiquette for the Ruthless

Etiquette for the Ruthless

You have a Ruthless Henchman. No one crosses him; no one would dare. As useful as this is, he could also do with being just a little more civilised.

Send him for dance lessons

He may claim to be unwilling, but he will enjoy learning to waltz once he begins.This choice is locked for now.
Requires Persuasive 60

Attend to his education

Your henchman is unparalleled when it comes to matters of violence and treachery. But his level of erudition leaves much to be desired. Perhaps some improving lectures might help?
Requires Persuasive 70, 30 x Jade Fragment

Train him in the more…subtle arts

If you are an accomplished enough thief yourself, he will be willing to learn from you.
Requires Master Thief 1, Persuasive 75

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