Entry In Slowcake's Exceptionals
bookbrownsmall.png Entry In Slowcake's Exceptionals Your own personal paragraph in the only guide to who is reliably whom in Fallen London. [Use this to increase your Connected: Criminals quality up to 20, and beyond with Fate] - Buy at the Bazaar for 30 Echoes. Sells for 27.50

click on this item in your inventory to access:

Brag about your social standing

So. You bought an entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals, the only reliable guide to who's whom in Fallen London. Make sure you get your money's worth.



Draw someone's attention to it

If you purchase a spare copy of the relevant volume, you can leave it lying artlessly where a friend - or rival - will see it.
Unlocked with 25 x Cryptic Clue, Connected: Society 10




Make sure everyone sees it

Invite Mr Slowcake himself to your next soirée. A certain way to get people talking about you - and your pedigree. [This will increase your Connected: Society quality by even more.]


Requires 2 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

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