Endowment Of A University Fellowship
universitysmall.png One lucky academic now has you to thank for their research position. They have to use your name in all official correspondence. They probably love that. [Use to increase your connections at the University up to 20] - 60 Echoes

This curiosity is kept in the "Curiosity" section of your inventory. If clicked on, you are taken to this storylet:

Further endow your University Fellowship

You've bought the right to name a University Fellowship. The current incumbent could always do with more help, though.



Direct a small grant to Benthic College

If your Fellow does some funded work at Benthic, it's more likely to be academically rewarding.
Costs 3 actions
unlocked with 15x Abominable Salts, unlocked with Connected: Benthic 1




Direct a small grant to Summerset College

If your Fellow does some funded work at Summerset, there'll be a lot more social cachet in it for you.
unlocked with 15xAbominable Salts, unlocked with Connected: Summerset 1


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