Connected: the Duchess

The Duchess is a woman of independent inclinations. Her opinions do not always align with those of the great and the good.
You can acquire contact at the Shuttered Palace if you have Connected: Society of 9


1-9 — Oh. You.
10-19 — Good evening.
20-49 — You may be seated.
50-99 — Tell me something…
100-149 — How charming!
150+ — Quite Exceptional!


One in Exile in the Tomb Colonies may use this connection to ease ones return.

Who is the Duchess?

A lady of style, grace and refinement, whose salons may be the best-attended in Fallen London. Just don't ask about her peculiar diet. Or her name. Or her association with the city's cats. Or her past. Actually, best not to say anything, just nod and drink her lovely tea. It is very lovely tea.
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