Drop of Prisoner's Honey

Drop of Prisoner's Honey
The most delightful secret of the Neath: the honey of lamplighter bees fed exclusively on the Exile's Rose.
purchased for 4 pence, sells for 2 pence

Using Drops of Prisoner's Honey

Take Some Prisoner's Honey

If you have a jar of the stuff, you could forget your woes and drift away into a dream.


Dreams of romance

A flirtation in a glass palace? Lingering glances across a burning sky? What dreams may come? [This will always gain you Romantic Notions. There may be other effects.]
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.
Unlocked with 50 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey


Sponsor a dream-expedition for lovers

Presumably you need your romance in wholesale quantities. [This will always give you many Romantic Notions.]
Unlocked with 500 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey

Obtaining Drops of Prisoner's Honey

Spite Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
Rob a honey den Shadowy 32 18 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey
The Shuttered Palace Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
The Rival - Start a rumour about your rival Persuasive 65 Persuasive 79 19 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey
Opportunity cards Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
An commission from the Cheesemonger - Look into the matter Watchful 40, An Agent of the Cheesemonger 1 32 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey

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